100 tips and tricks for filming with his dslr

100 trucs et astuces pour filmer avec son réflex

100 tips and tricks for filming with his dslr is a book written by Adam Jumper and David Newton.

It offers, as its name indicates, 100 tips for filming with his reflex. These 100 tips are divided into 5 chapters :


We will talk about the technical features of the cameras that this is the objectives, of the sensor of the video recording type, etc


You will see the preparation of the film, but also, and especially, of the cutting technique by informing you of the different types of plans and the way of composing his image.


This part explains the technical adjustments of the camera aperture, focus, speed dobturation … ) which allow to adjust the image. The issue of camera movement will also be addressed. You will see the methods and the constraints these options imply


You will see here the problematic of the mounting with one hand the technical part and the other part, the theoretical and artistic. We regret that the examples in the book are based on final cut pro 7 software more and more obsolete


This last short part will explain how to export your creations either on the web or on physical media (blue ray and DVD)


This book is really very comprehensive and well written. Easy to read, it addresses many points. My only true regret is the fact that it does not go in depth. Still a little on the end of the reading of ” stuff “


  • Very nicely presented ;
  • Clear and easy to access (reads quickly) ;
  • Offers a panel of point wide enough.


  • We would love the book to go a little further into these 100 tips. It is much too surface for me.

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