A building threatening to collapse. In shake, a glass breaks. Asghar Farhadi framework outside of the apartment evacuated through this window and enables us to discover the work, responsible for the degradation of the building. With this plan, it is a Iran broke that the director filming, Iran “work in progress” whose culmination does not […]

[CYCLE] THE DECALOGUE 8 : thou shall not lie

On the occasion of the re-release in restored version of the ten parts of the Decalogue of Kieslowski distributed by Diaphana, back on one of the works of the founders of cinema is the european post-Walesa, a monument of ten hours made by one of the greatest directors of his time. Box of various themes […]

LEMONADE, the album visual of Beyoncé

LEMONADE is the 6th studio album of Beyoncé. Why devote an article ? Because it is also an album-visual. Kind of a long clip of an hour made up of several videos illustrating the songs of Beyoncé. We will not review this album from a musical point of view, it is not our role nor […]

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