Whether it’s staging or his scenario, Serious is a film not to be missed, even if it is better to see it with people who have the strong stomach… or the sense of irony is highly developed ! Our interview with Julia Ducournau   SERIOUS starts with a plan very trivial, of a silhouette walking […]


Hedi is a nice boy. He listens to his mother, his brother, his fiancee, his boss. He would not even have the idea of contradict. The way of the young man is all mapped out, he did not have a voice. It is necessary for him to do what was planned and decided by the […]

[critical] HITCHCOCK

Alfred Hitchcock, director acknowledged and admired, nicknamed ” the master of suspense “, came at the peak of his career. In search of a new project to be risky and different, he is interested in the story of a serial killer. But all producers, censorship, friends, are trying to discourage. Accustomed to the obsessions of […]


Kornél Mundruczó is back with a tale of levitation where an immigrant, a syrian becomes the envy of all the world having inherited an extraordinary power. Dice the first few minutes, THE MOON OF JUPITER do not go there with the back of the spoon to us with a full view. Following a group of […]


Also see our portrait Almodóvar With JULIETA, adapted from three new to the canadian writer Alice Munro, Pedro Almodóvar book one of his works the most successful. Able to references are many but subtle, to come back on his own filmography, and at the same time strive towards a certain novelty. It is in this […]

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