Accessories for iPhone and smartphone for the video

Les Accessoires iPhone et smartphone pour la vidéo

You have a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, etc) and plan to shoot videos with. But now, you are wondering why you need to necessarily use the iPhone accessories and smartphone to film your videos ? You ask also what are these accessories ?

If so, below you’ll find the answers to these questions !


Why use the iPhone accessories and smartphone to make videos ?

Of course, you can shoot videos with your iPhone or smartphone. But without iPhone accessories and smartphone for videos, they will never have the quality of those data in the example in the article 4 rules for making a movie with your iPhone.


The iPhone accessories and smartphone for videos to help you :


  1. Optimize the sharpness of your image without distortion,
  1. Stabilize the video because it is very difficult to follow a video that flickers,
  1. Have a good sound. As you may know, we can look at a video of which the image is not very good. But when the sound is bad, it zaps.
  1. Have a good lighting. Because your iPhone or smartphone will not be able to shoot if the lighting is not sufficient !

Discover these accessories !


There are a few different iPhone accessories and smartphone for the video



1. IPhone accessories and smartphone for a video to images and better quality

If you want a video with crisp images and better quality, here are a few iPhone accessories and smartphone that will appeal to you :


  • The Mpow Universal 3-in-1 kit camera lens professional lenses fish-eye 180°+ 0.65 X wide angle lens + 10 X objective

    Mpow Universal 3-in-1 kit

    Micro for Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5C/4S, Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3, Note 4/3/2, Huawei, Wiko, and most smartphones, with the dark circle lens fish-eye lens.


As you have probably guessed by reading this detailed description, this kit of lenses from Mpow is compatible with most smartphones and iPhones. It is a lens of small 3-in-1 clamp (Fish-eye, Macro lens, Wide-angle lens) removable.

Its price is indicative is currently a dozen euros


  • The protective enclosures such as the mCAMLITE ALM which has a wide-angle lens of 37 mm, an external microphone to 180°, and a mount for tripod and accessories. The optics are interchangeable and their accuracy provides a very good image quality.
Les Accessoires iPhone et smartphone pour la vidéo


You will find protective cases mCAMLITE adapted to a number of iPhones. For example, you will find suitable for iPhones 4/4S or iphone 5/5S. Plan a hundred euros to acquire the unit.

ZEISS has also released a kit of the unit enough to be relatively expensive (for purposes smartphone), but which should have the exthétique of this manufacturer’s legendary



2. IPhone accessories and smartphone for a stable video

A video stable use ofiPhone accessories and smartphone such as tripods (tabletop, with joystick, etc), and steadicams.

You can find all qualities and at every price on the market.

For example, you have the small tripod Sony universal foldable smartphone (and other devices) that enjoys an excellent reputation. It keeps your phone while you shoot and can be used on numerous types of media.

But this is not all : this tripod can be adjusted with any angle of inclination and can even be used as a handle of the camera very stable when you move while filming. It will be delivered with a carrying case ensuring its protection. As to its price, expect about thirty euros to acquire it.

But you may also need an adapter tripod clamp for various sizes of smart phones and iPhones. In this case, you will certainly enjoy the Mudder Holder Smartphone Universal Mounting Adapter Tripod Monopod for Selfie Stick with Double screw Head. It is compatible with all smartphones, including iPhone 6 6Plus 5s 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 S3 Note 4 Note 3 and more. And it costs about 9 euros just.

Les Accessoires iPhone et smartphone pour la vidéo

Joby GorillaPod Tripod

There are even foot hoses that allow you to attach your smartphone or iPhone everywhere for your videos. Here is a very much appreciated : the Joby GorillaPod Tripod for Smartphone ! It is compatible with all smartphones sold with or without a case. Plan 22 euros to acquire it.

Les Accessoires iPhone et smartphone pour la vidéo


As for steadicams, here is one that enjoys an excellent reputation : the Steadicam Smoothee-UM-HAD stabilizer for

GoPro/Smartphone ! As any steadicam, it allows you to rotate your movies while remaining in motion. It is provided with a universal adapter for smartphone and an adapter for GoPro. Plan on about 146 euros to acquire it.

But you can also use of the mechanical stabilizers. These are mechanical devices that allow you to avoid shaking and trembling during movements of the camera. You will find all the prices.

For example, the Lanparte HHG-01 stabilizer, 3 axis handle gimbal for GoPro Cameras & Smartphones. It is a stabilizer handle universal joint-compatible with most smartphones and iPhones including the iPhone 6 Plus. It is about 250 euros !


3. IPhone accessories and smartphone for a video with good sound

Les Accessoires iPhone et smartphone pour la vidéo

iRig MIC Cast

If you want a video at its highest quality, accessory, iPhone and smartphone you may need, it is the external microphone. Because the built-in microphone of smartphones is not powerful enough, especially if your speech is a crucial element of your video.

As the external microphone, for example, you can use a small external microphone iRig MIC Cast. Compatible with iPhones, it is worth 30 euros, but you will have a professional-grade sound.

But you can also use the Rode SmartLavPlus Microphone Lavalier for smartphones. It is a lavalier/lapel of professional quality, which can be connected to the headphone jack of a smartphone or a tablet. It will cost you around 50 euros. I use also personal often this microphone using my iphone as a recorder

Beyond the external microphones, there are also digital recorders. They are often best for external microphones. Their only drawback ? Your audio file will be separate from your video file. You’ll then need editing software to integrate and synchronize the two.

Here are two digital recorders that are more than the matter : the zoom H1/MB portable Recorder, and the portable recorder TASCAM DR-05. Stereos, they are of better quality than the devices mono. They return, respectively, to 98 euros and 95 euros approximately.

If you have more funds, you can invest in a recorder zoom H4 or zoom H6 which are recorder with XLR input (the h6 is better, but about 100 euros more expensive)

4. IPhone accessories and smartphone for a video well lit

If you want to have a good lighting, you need to make use of accessories usable for shooting video on the iPhone and smartphone, such as the torches LED. They provide you with a quality lighting professional.

Those Manfrotto, for example, provide, among others, a light of great quality and a very high fidelity in the reproduction of the colours and the natural colour of the skin of the subjects. You will find all the prices : from 30 to more than 1000 euros.

I’ll need to test a lot of led sources and I hope I’ll find some that are both powerful, qualitative, and not too expensive.

The softboxes are a good alternative quite can be costly.

That is, have you ever used iPhone accessories and smartphone for videos ? If yes, thank you for sharing your experience with us in the comments below !


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