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After Marie Besnard, The Poisoner of Christian Faure, here comes Muriel Robin in a telefilm…

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This telefilm tells the story of a professor, Gabrielle Delorme (Muriel Robin), who fell in love with a student of high school, Lucas (Sandor Funtek), who she met on the barricades of may ‘ 68. It is the adaptation of the true story of Gabrielle Russier.

No one will tell you not the following in order not to reveal the plot, but the basic scenario is more than exhausted. Despite this, it remains a Muriel Robin always fair. At her side, Annie Gregorio (Finally a Widow, a Museum the Top Museum Bottom) and Jeanne Balibar, who had also played in The Ball Of the Actresses by Maïwenn Le Besco with Muriel Robin.

And also the B. O. : Charles Aznavour, Serge Reggiani or Anne Sylvestre.

Subscribed to television, the realization of Josée Dayan. It has, however, turned to the cinema in 2001, for example, with This Love, on an episode of the life of Marguerite Duras performed by Jeanne Moreau.

Beside films, he is the very good Les Misérables or The Count Of Monte Cristo with Gérard Depardieu.

After the broadcasting of the tv film, Christophe Hondelatte offers from 22: 05 debate : “Teacher/Student : couples forbidden”. The debate is now open, with lawyers, psychiatrists, representatives of the faculty and of the witnesses of similar cases ; and also the dissemination of a report on the history of Gabrielle Russier.

Enough blabber, you can find below the trailer currently airing on France 2. To die for Love to happen Tuesday, November 24, on the chain at 20h35.

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