” ANGRY BIRDS-THE MOVIE ” : anthropomorphism reducer

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The film adaptations of game franchises video are legion in Hollywood, and this, for several years already (Super Mario Bros., Warcraft : The beginning, Prince of Persia, Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, etc). So, seeing land on the screens, an adaptation of the video game, ANGRY BIRDS (released in 2009), appears to be part of the pure logic of the agendas of the studio (Sony’s “Columbia Pictures), although this poses a new question : a type of game-puzzle which can really make a work of fiction ?

Boosted by his casting as a voice-stamped with the “comedy US” with the presence of some of these heavy-duty (Jason Sudeikis, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Josh Gad, Jillian Bell, etc), ANGRY BIRDS THE MOVIE had released some of the qualities supposed to seduce the viewer in search of animated movies a bit iconoclastic in spite of the probable and assumed indigence story. The result is obviously not the height (but what was really this height ?). Seeking to continuously ride the wave of comic references that has not finished burying all of american comedy, the film too often forget the potential absurdity of its characters : birds angry and not knowing how to fly in the face of the green pigs ! Finally, only the great scene of the final action directly evokes the regression specific to the scenario of the video game (birds that are propelled via a slingshot giant on the dwellings of the pigs to make them fall).

The rest of the film is far too wise and agreed even the presence of Red, supposed to be the bird bitter and milk soup from the island, never brings madness or the irreverence needed to fly all of it in a kind of chaos, like the great Storm of meatballs giant (2009). The weak story being heard in a long time, the film recovers, so openly, the good ideas taken from other films animations : one thinks of The Mighty Eagle, a sort of superhero legendary island of the birds that, for years, lives recluse in his hiding place, and in which the trajectory returns to that of Metroman in the much more funny Megamind (2010).

“Once again, this is anthropomorphism of the animals is pointed out : to force to undergo the same bodies psychic that the man, the animals lose their uniqueness, and are brewed by the blender way “values of the Republic” “

It is obvious that it is more difficult to concoct a situation burlesque truly funny as to the shaping of a punch-line funny, or well to quote a popular reference. And this laziness of the writing appears to be the main flaw of 90% of comedies today. This is for two reasons : the choice of the filmmakers, of course (there’s not a lot of Brad Bird, Thomas McGrath or Phil Lord and Chris Miller on the american market) and the large proportion comic left to the irony and the reference to any-goes into this type of film. Again, this is anthropomorphism of the animals is pointed out : to force to undergo the same bodies psychic that the man, the animals lose their uniqueness, and are brewed by the blender way “values of the Republic”. In other words, they have the right to have colors and different physical, or even characteristics of its own, but they retain, nonetheless, the same trauma that a man from the twenty-first century. In comparison, the comic force of the last Disney, Zootopie (2016) – and certainly his greatest idea – is to have been able to make the characters their uniqueness animal while playing with this regime anthropomorphic contemporary, which gave, for instance, this wonderful sequence with the lazy : its extreme slowness and got married so perfectly to the trades of the directors in the perception of our collective imagination. The comic anthropomorphism was mostly from his animality, not from his word. Unfortunately, in ANGRY BIRDS THE MOVIE, there is not a single scene of this magnitude burlesque.

Although we can still smile about some of the gags well regressive, poverty visual of the film and the lack of ambition story unsightly the pleasure of the viewer, unable to move for the path uniquely one of the characters or even appreciate the potential comic. And yet, ANGRY BIRDS THE MOVIE should have been this field of experimentation in total, but the heaviness of all demonstrates, once again, the inability of Hollywood to deliver an animated film tart, daring and hilarious. There is hope that the next Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Sausage Party, this comedy animation is absolute : a movie rated R, prone to vulgarity and excess ; full of cinematic references visual (and hopefully not too popular and easy) in a set plunged of” anthropomorphism ” food (sic!) which should largely enable them to rise from the ground.

Antoine Gaudé



Original title : The Angry Birds Movie

Achievement : Clay Kaytis, Fergal Reilly

Scenario : x

Main actors : Omar Sy, Audrey Lamy, Jason Sudeikis

Country of origin : Finland, U. S. A.

Released : may 11, 2016

Duration : 1h38min

Distributor : Distributor Sony Pictures Releasing France


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