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I mentioned in an article, when one starts writing a long, a tv movie or a short film, our imagination, or inspiration does not stop when we leave our office or our computer. This is where the best applications for writers will you save the life..or rather save your ideas ;o)

There is the easiest solution which is to use the voice recorder to which our cell phones are equipped with. But often we need to be able to write for to speak in a phone is not necessarily easy.

Today, I’m going to give you a couple of apps to write where you are subject to having an ipad, an iphone or a phone using android.

Scripts Pro : iphone

This software accepts files from finaldraft, celtx, and txt. Attention! with this application you will not be able to write all of your scenario, because you may have problems with pagination , presentation of a format to another. But it is ideal to write on the road, in the bus, the subway etc..in short, as soon as you have an idea, you can draw your ipad or iphone no matter where and it, for the writers in the grass, it is a real bargain !!

In addition, this app is very cheap….

Price : 5,99



CELTX : iphone

The APPLICATION THAT YOU NEED !! If you had to choose an app among the best apps it would be this one. I use it since two years now and I assure you that you will not be able to go without it. Among all the applications on this page if you had to choose just one it would be : Celtx !!

This app is available in 33 languages and is compatible with finaldraft or word.

I was a bit skeptical at the start because if Finaldraft costs almost 200 euros this is that there is a reason. But after thinking about it, why spend a sum of money as important then as Celtx (after having tested it) allows me to write anywhere so pro and all this for less than 6 euros !

Click on the images or on the name of the app to access the Itunes directly.

This is an application that keeps all its promises. In fact, you can write but also write information on the locations, the sound, etc…You can also create sequences in the form of a storyboard, but also notes audios.

But the most interesting thing is that your notes will sync directly with the software, ctex, which is located in your computer at home.

Price : 5,99 €



Screenplay : Iphone

This is another application to write anywhere. You need to dropbox so you can recover your files, and this way you can retrieve your files anywhere and on any computer. The app is compatible with finaldraft, but sometimes requires some adjustment of pagination.

Price : 3,99


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Please do not hesitate to leave me your comments.


Tom Weil

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