Helios, sun, and more, applications for Head trader

Hélios sun et bien plus, applications pour Chef opérateur

Helios, sun,and more

applications for chief operator

Do the light and take the points


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these apps will quickly become indispensable. This is only the first list, I am sure that there must be other applications, or that the developers are still going to get us out of the beads shortly.

Calculator :

cpted digital calculator : iphone only

 Very complete Application : Calculation of the depth-of-field, aperture, of the‘hyperfocal, theangle of field, exposure, hmi (speed, secure and pane), diopters, macro, much, much more … a real gold mine. Certainly the best software of its kind.

Attention, the price is all the same…

Price : 31,99 €.

But believe me, you get the best value for your money.

cpted digital calculator


Position of the sun and sunshine

Helios Sun : iphone only

 Thanks to this application, you will be able to know where the sun will be at a time and in a given place, the dusk-to-dawn.

Designed as an aid to developers working with natural light because helio sun also gives you the duration and the movement of shadows projected by the sun.

Attention the price : 24 euros

Helios Sun

Sun Seeker : Iphone

Sunseeker Free iphone HERE

My favorite application on the subject ! because it uses Augmented Reality, sun seeker has as a gravure sun one compass flat. Thanks to the camera of the iphone or ipad’s camera, you can set overprinting the curve of the sun on the location of the sky that you aim for.

A Happiness.

Price : 5 euros.





Heliométrics : iphone only


Price : 0,79 €


white balance

Digital Grey Kard : iphone

Easy to use to achieve the white balance of your images at the time of the shooting. It also allows you to control the colors of the shot during post-production, in short, a calibrator pocket essential.

Price : Free


digital grey card

If you have apps to submit, please do not hesitate. You will find researchers from fields and other apps in the section director and assistant director.

Don’t forget that if you go directly through the links on this page to the site touches a small commission (that is the membership in a transparent manner ;o) ). It helps us to keep this site online. Thank you if you click on the links ;o) If you need to download an application such as helios the sun, please do not hesitate to do that on this blog ;o)

Please do not hesitate to leave me your comments.


Tom Weil

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