director’s viewfinder App for directors and assistant directors

director’s viewfinder Application pour réalisateurs et assistants réalisateurs

Researcher field researcher of scenery…

Director’s viewfinder, and many other


That one is an apprentice film director, advanced or pro, we don’t all have the same needs. When you are alone to manage the light and the camera because you do not have the means to offer you the services of a chief operator or assistant, Cam, you are forced to get by ! You will find all the applications for light, depth of field etc…in the section application to the chief operator and assistant camera.

But we all want to know a focal, have a researcher from fields etc….this is why these applications are useful whether you are a beginner, advanced or pro.

The following applications will be very helpful and will become quickly indispensable.

Attention, some of these applications are paid ! But in the end much less expensive as a researcher in the fields of conventional or laser meter etc…


Application “finder field”

Artemis Director’s Viewfinder : available for Iphone

and ArtémisHD (ipad 2 & 3 only)

Artemis director’s viewfinder is a viewfinder field digital. It works the same way as a viewfinder traditional, but with more detail and with more features. It is perfect for keeping track of your sightings, or to create small story boards. A function camera custom can be configured to match any camera.

16mm, super 16mm, 35mm, anamorphic 35mm, 65mm , etc…

Price:€ 24



Lensagent lite :


price : 7,99€


Lensagent free : iphone only

Price : free


casting and location scouting, pre-med


Pro FiLMiC Pro transforms your smartphone and tablet into a camera powerful with many adjustments in order to succeed for sure your location scouting, castings and rehearsals of their next film.

3 modes are possible : full frame, single reticle, and double reticle and the possibility of passser 1 i/s 30 i/s

Tariff : 2,40€




I’m going to devote a section to this app which is simply essential and great. In the meantime , download the version Lite free. You can test Panascout and become addicted to. Panavision out there one of the applications of the most useful ever invented for all the directors, cameramen, heir tracers, assistant director and even screenwriter !!!

Sometimes I notice a place or an atmosphere that I love. My imagination turns on, I take a photo or video with Panascout in the format of 1:85 to have a trace. Once in front of my computer I can watch it again to write my sequence. This method allows you to pre-register and/or to be able to show your team what you have in mind…

Follow this link : ( the free version is here)

In addition the application allows you to take photos or videos. If you wish, the application will allow you to add the coordinates of GPS, the time, date, angle, and a voice comment.

Where Panavision pushes further than other apps of photos, it is in terms of cinematography. It is possible to choose a frame 2.40, 1.85, 1.78 or 1.33 and it, it can be life-changing, believe me !

The application can send the images to icloud, SmugMug, and even your Final Cut Server.

Have access to other options with the paid version. Once again the quality of this application the price is ridiculous….

Price : 9,99€





ShotList : Iphone

This application will help you to plan and organize each scene during shooting. All developers should have on their iphone !

Price : 12€






Shot List : iphone


Price : 15,99€


Clap virtual

iSlate : iphone only

iSlate is a clap digital easy-to-use . When you do not know where Michel has fucked up the clap, islate you will save. The clap is customizable , of course.

Price : 2,40€



Clapboard Slate Lite : iphone

Clapboard is a clap electronic with a countdown timer to sound two tones and a flash, with at the end a beep sound

.Price : 0,80€


Clapboard Slate Lite


Shoot with a camera

DSLR Slate : iphone

DSLR Slate is the perfect companion for any filmmaker, filming with a camera. The application includes all the traditional elements of a clap : timecode, name of the producer, the chief operator, date, but also shutter speed, iso, lens, number of the stage, taking, the media, … in short, everything you need in post-production.

Price : 8€


DSLR slate

DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition

DSLR Camera Remote is a system for remote control (Wifi mode) on your dslr Canon or Nikon. It is an application very useful for all of your filming in stop-motion,

Price : 20€

dslr camera remote pro

Report script

iCineLog : Ipad only

Two applications in one, because icenelog is a clap, but also a report script is very complete , which allows you to note all the relevant information relating to a plan at the time of the shooting. Everything to simplify your post production !

Price : Free


manage the timelapse

cine TimeLapse : iphone only

So much for the professionals as the amateurs. Thanks to timelapse, you will be able to calculate the time of filming effective for the plan you wanted, be it a shooting on dslr or red or phamtom.

cine TimeLapse is here to help you do this calculation quickly, and if need be, to use countdown timer with alarm for the record.

  • Time Base 12,24,25,30,48,50 frames per second and a value of customizable 240 for the red etc…
  • Setting the recording frame rate
  • Setting the range warning when using the countdown timer
cine timelapse

Time lapse HD : iphone only

Price : 0,79€

Time Lapse Hd Free HERE

Time lapse calculator : iphone only

Price : 3,99 €


This first list is there to give an idea of what’s out there. I’ve made this selection, wondering what you would need to turn tomorrow.

Don’t forget that if you go directly through the links on this page to the site touches a small commission. It helps us to keep this site online. Thank you if you click on the links ;o)

Please do not hesitate to leave me your comments.


Tom Weil

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