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I do not have the habit of telling you stories and when we are before a book, a film, a filmmaker or an application that is not by chance. It is that I believe hard as iron that it may help you.

This week I would like to tell you about a great application and it is available in a lite version free of charge. There is a paid version, less than 9 euros, which is not huge. But you are not obliged to pay panascout to be able to use it.

Panascout what is it ?

Panascout has been developed by Panavision, that is to say, one of the most famous brands of manufacturers of cameras to the film industry. Panavision is the guarantor of professionalism, equipment-specific and at the cutting edge of technology.

At the base, Panascout has been created for the heir tracers of cinema and television. Pana (for panavision), and scout (to find).

But over the years Panascout has found a wider audience of amateurs and semi – pros than it is for the realization or the writing of scenarios.

Writing scripts ?

Actually, this may sound crazy, said it like this, but a lot of writers aspiring and young directors in the grass are Panascout an ally of weight for inspiration, or recollection of the axes, of light and of focal the ideal function of such or such a scenery they have seen.

Panascout allows you to simulate what sees a film camera and, therefore, compose your image as a pro or as it will be the day of your shoot.

Panascout allows you to take a photo or a video in wide-screen In True 2.40 (Anamorphic), 1 :85 (super 35mm), height 1.78(16X9 HD) and 1.33 (4X3).

But you can also choose the focal ! From 27 To 150 ! With intermediate level but are in the end notvery useful ;o)

But Panascout goes even further, thanks to a simple menu to use. You can make a video of the place that you like but also save a number of crucial information to your script or your film : GPS Coordinates, date, time, a compass (to know where the sun sets and rises can be important ;o), as Well as the time of sunset and sunrise ! The GPS also allows you to access the care Google Map in a simple pressure of the finger on the screen, you can also add voice notes and send it immediately to your team or your co-director or co-author of the image that you just take directly by e-mail !

Brief Panascout it is the dream for the one who needs, to write, to remember the images he saw or for a director who has the need to explain to his team what he would like as a report or atmosphere compared to a decor photo taken days, weeks, months or years earlier !

Panascout is easy to use and all the pictures taken are exportable directly and instantly with a simple touch to your Library photo.

Panascout is easy to use and is only available on IPHONE

It presents itself in this form.

At the bottom of the screen are icons that allow you to use Panascout. From left to right you have :

– the settings button

– the photo album

– the change of focal

– the last photo taken

– the button to take the photo

reverse cameras (iphone 4, 4s, 5)

– switch to movie mode

– access to the site of panavision.

The directions at the top of the screen are (left to right) :

– The degree of shooting

– if location service is enabled you have the GPS coordinates

– as well as the sunrise and sunset

– the date, time,

– and the format (ratio) chosen here, the 2 :40 :1


Here’s what happens if you press the settings :

From the bottom up you can :

– Disable flash/enable the flash

– Remove the date and time

– Remove the degrees of shooting

– The viewfinder

– The framework

– And the GPS with sunrise and sunset

To change the focal press on the magnifying glass where you have access to the focal :

Here we are at 27 and 2 :40 :1


At 50

At 75 :

In short, you have to the amount of “infinite” possibilities of focal lengths, values and formats.

Panascout is available for Apple and in android ;o)

If you want to hear my “lovely voice” I’m going to put online within a few days a demo I made for you because all the demos on the net are unfortunately in English.

In conclusion, Panascout is an application to have absolutely, whether as a screenwriter or director. You’re already faced with a situation, a mood or a setting that you would have wanted to take or share. Unfortunately the cameras do not record like a camera pro ! Today you can bring it everywhere with you, just in your pocket ; a camera film with all its objectives and all that to 0 euro for the Lite version , or less than 9 euro‘s for the full version ! So you can say to almost nothing ;o)

Test, and download Panascout for IPHONE :

Free Version Paid version (9 euros)

I always try to be as clear as possible in my explanations but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave me a little message.

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Tom Weil

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