Are older smart cars reliable?

Are older smart cars reliable?

Smart cars have received a reliability index of 52 with 100 being the average, according to the Reliability Index. This rating is based on Smart cars that were around 4 years old and driven less than 30,000 miles. Smart cars can be driven 150,000 miles before serious issues begin to occur.

Is Nissan note a good car?

The Note is a practical car that doesn’t really win you over with its design or driving experience. The new Nissan Note isn’t difficult to recommend. It’s spacious, drives well and offers good value for money, improving on its predecessor in every department.

Is Toyota Aygo a reliable car?

The Aygo shares the top spot with the Skoda Citigo in the value and small car category of our reliability survey. It scored a perfect 100%, with owners reporting no faults at all in cars up to three years old. Toyota as a brand always finishes highly in reliability and customer satisfaction surveys.

Is Toyota Aygo 2012 reliable?

The Aygo has forged an admirable reliability record and you certainly shouldn’t get any serious issues with the kind of 2012-2014 model we’re looking at here. By the time this version arrived, the design had, after all, been in production since 2005, with all major issues long since ironed out.

What does the AA say about buying cars?

The AA say buy your next car with confidence what an absolute joke , I will never buy from an AA approved dealer ever again it was an horrific experience I hope no one else has to experience with AA cars and Auto Ever of oldham .

What are the best cars to buy according to the AA?

1 Skoda Superb (33) 2 Daihatsu Charade (4) 3 Ford Mondeo (293) 4 Honda Jazz (216) 5 Honda Civic (184) 6 Skoda Octavia (169) 7 Volkswagen Golf (155) 8 Toyota Yaris (154) 9 Volkswagen Passat (154) 10 Honda CR-V (151) Rover 25 rover 24 1.4 The AA recommends an AA Cars Vehicle Inspection before purchase. Not all cars are mechanically checked by the AA.

Do I need an AA cars vehicle inspection before purchase?

The AA recommends an AA Cars Vehicle Inspection before purchase. Not all cars are mechanically checked by the AA.

How do I contact AA about a van with finance?

Please call our team on 01920 877 750. An approved AA dealership called Scottish Commercials tried to sell me a van with finance on it. When I asked about the fact it had finance on the HPI check she said it would be fine as I was paying cash?!

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