Are Postie bikes automatic?

Are Postie bikes automatic?

While other bikes preceded it, the Honda CT110, used by posties today, was first introduced in 1980 and is known for its reliability, ease of use and design simplicity. It has a 105cc, four-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder engine with a four-speed transmission and automatic clutch.

Are Postie bikes manual?

kols_kebabs. In NSW at least, the postie bike counts as a manual transmission for the purposes of licencing i.e. you won’t be granted an auto licence if you do your test on one.

How do you change gears on a postie bike?

the postie has a “double ended” gear lever. theres an extended part under your heel so instead of putting your foot under the gear lever to change up a gear you can use your heel to push downwards and it will change up a gear.

What type of bike is a Postie bike?

Honda C110
The motorcycle of choice for Australia Post has typically been the Honda C110, a two-stroke bike with a top speed of about 80 kph. Because they are made especially for Australia Post, the rest of us can buy only used postie bikes when they are sold off from the fleet.

How long do Postie bikes last?

Along with added storage capacity, the vehicles also have automatic locking that doesn’t require a key, and the vehicles have a longer lifespan. “We used to get about three and a half years out of a motorcycle, these vehicles are expected to run for seven years,” Mr Buxton said.

How many gears does a CT110 have?

4 Speed
There are 4 Speed gears available in Bajaj CT110.

How much oil does a Honda CT110 take?

A: When doing a service you should drain all the oil out and top up with new fresh oil. The capacity is 750ml. We recommend 10w40 semi synthetic same as the CT110’s.

How fast does a Postie bike go?

They sold the bike the very next day, and even though neither Mike nor Don believes Dorothy ran through the traps at any better than 150km/h, they have a certified Dry Lakes Racers Association ticket that reads 128.533mph. That’s 200km/h, though with a large grain of salt.

What bikes do Australia Post use?

The Honda Shop in Midland is the main supplier of Honda postie bikes to Australia Post and associated contractors.

What CC is a Postie bike?

Information for Australia Post Contractors

Displacement (cc) 109.1
Engine Type Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC 2v single
Carburation PGM-F1 programmed fuel injection system
Ignition Full-transistor battery ignition
Starter Type Electric Start

How much does a Postie bike cost?

The CT125 is available in two colours, Glowing Red and Matte Fresco Brown, but comes at a surprisingly high price of $6,999 plus on-road costs.

Is the Postie a good first motorbike?

The Postie makes a great first custom build because of its simple and manageable design, easy-to-maintain motor, lower ride height, lack of full manual transmission as well as being learner approved. Whether you decide to customise it yourself or get a workshop to do the build for you is a personal one.

Can You customise a postie motorcycle?

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be exploring all the different types of custom motorcycle, but for the novice bike wrencher and expert alike, customising a Postie can be a lot of fun.

What is a Honda CT110 Postie Bike?

The legendary Honda CT110 ‘Postie’ bike is a dual-sport or ‘Trekking’ bike (yes, you read that correctly) that commenced production in Japan in 1980 as a replacement to the company’s CT90.

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