Are there any Zoes Kitchens left?

Are there any Zoës Kitchens left?

Next up: Perimeter in July. There are, however, four restaurants that will remain Zoe’s for the foreseeable future: Duluth, Snellville, Peachtree City, and Woodstock. “Zoe’s has a really healthy catering business. We don’t cater at Cava currently,” Schulman explains.

How many Zoës Kitchen locations?

Zoës Kitchen

Type Subsidiary
Founded June 1995 (as Zoe’s Kitchen, Inc.) Homewood, Alabama, U.S.
Founder Marcus Cassimus Zoë Cassimus
Headquarters Plano, Texas , U.S.
Number of locations 258 stores

What happened to Zoës Kitchen?

In 2017, Zoës Kitchen announced it would be bought by Cava, a restaurant group that operates a Mediterranean brand across several U.S. states. The sale was finalized in 2018 for about $300 million, effectively ending Zoës short stint as a public company.

Did Zoes go out of business?

The new company is headquartered in Washington, D.C., Cava’s home, and will keep a “meaningful presence” in Plano, Texas, where Zoes Kitchen began in 1995. “The Zoes Kitchen brand will remain intact for the foreseeable future,” the company said Wednesday.

Where is Zoës Kitchen headquarters?

Washington, D.C.Zoës Kitchen / Headquarters

Did Cava take over Zoës?

If it seems like Zoës Kitchens are vanishing across North Texas, some are: A fast-casual named Cava acquired Plano-based Zoës Kitchen in 2018and is transitioning many of the bright-colored Zoës Mediterranean shops into the more “adventurous” Cava.

Did Cava take over Zoes?

Is Cava buying Zoës?

Panera founder Ron Shaich will serve as chairman of the combined company. The 261-unit Mediterranean brand announced August 17 it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Cava Group, Inc., the company behind one of the country’s fastest-growing chains. …

Is Cava taking over Zoës?

Fast-casual Mediterranean operator Cava Group has begun converting some of the Zoe’s Kitchen restaurants it acquired in 2018 to the Cava concept. The company’s $300 million acquisition of Zoe’s, based in Plano, Texas, grew the company from 66 to 326 locations across the U.S.

Did Cava buy Zoes?

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