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Here are the best ways to become a director of animated films

To pass by a school to be a director, it is well but not necessarily mandatory – much better however – on the other hand, difficult or even impossible to imagine to become a director of animated film or work in this environment only by being self-taught. It requires a real training in this field, with courses in animation and graphic design.

Schools classic achievement type FEMIS or the course of the same type will therefore not be the most suitable, although they may represent a complementary expertise welcome. For all that, hold a camera, adjust the lights and the principles of the various focal lengths you will be useless. Learn the principles of the staging will be much more in contrast.

It will therefore be necessary to direct you to a school specialising in animation who will teach you the different way of this term is very comprehensive in order to succeed to work in animation.

Note that you can work in animation without being a director. In fact, According to the collective agreement of the production of animation films, there are 13 major sectors and trades. A chain of administrative and commercial and then 12 sub-sectors more specific to the sector. It is :

  • Achievement
  • Design
  • Formatting
  • Animation
  • Tracing, scan, colorization
  • Production, governance
  • Operating, maintenance
  • Research and development

For all that, even in the animation, the field is varied, between the 2D, 3D, computer-generated images and hand-drawn… the few schools to offer all of this. So, if you are passionate and motivated, it will go through one of them in order to have the best chance to succeed ! So here is a list of 10 of the best schools in this field, which will give you the best chance to succeed. Note that most of them are very expensive however. Fortunately, several offer the alternative of learning to finance education and training business in parallel.

The Goblins

Ranked first school of animation in the world Top 10, it offers 5 training courses that are accessible from the tray for some of them. There is also the pre-med Goblins that address to the outgoing bin of the current year. It has the advantage of having a great insertion thanks to its alumni network and the studios that come to recruit.

Starting the year : between 7100 in 8700€ for eu citizens, 12800 for the other.

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With 9 training courses for 42 opportunities for trades, this is one of the few schools recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It is also very well equipped.

Starting the year : 7590€ the first years, 8990€ after.

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Esra animation

The training in this school can move to the following areas : animated films, special effects, and other less related with the cinema. It also has the advantage of being a school of animation built-in to a film school and well known among professionals.

Starting the year : Paris 7990 €, Rennes, Nice 7570€

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Ecole Emilie Cohl

The diploma can be prepared in two cycles. The undergraduate, post baccalaureate, lasts 3 years and allows the end of the training to obtain the diploma of the artist-practitioner. These three years are built around a common core. This is only from the fourth year students can specialise. This is the cycle 2. At the end of the course, they will be able to claim the title of artist-designer. The diploma is recognized by the State.

Price : 7950€

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School very famous, and at the outlet assured, the training is various. It this especially to be the only public school of animated film delivering the grade of master.

Price : 433€

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Paris 8-Ati

It is the only university education that is recognized by the RECA (réseau des écoles de cinéma animation). It was nice to be at the university, she presented a very good level and a rank in the best schools of French animation

Price : 200€

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School of animation specialized well-known in cinema, it is with a very good level and diversity of value chains. The film of end of studies are selected in more than 200 festivals each year.

Starting the year : between 5250 and€ 6850€

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Isart Digital

Preparing for the future careers of the 3D Animator, Concept Artist, Color Artist, Modeling Artist, Rigging Technician, Lighting Artist, Shading Artist, storyboard artist… this is one of the schools more diverse. She has won several awards for animation very prestigious as Siggraph, Prix Pixar, Walt Disney, Festival Annecy, VES Awards…

Starting the year : between 7100 and 8100€

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This school is part of the Top 10 animation schools. The opportunities are many to the result of the curriculum.

Rate : 6 700 €

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This school allows you to discover 3 specializations. At the end of the training, students will be required to submit an animated film and will be eligible for the diploma of Designer / Director 3D. Its last have won numerous awards at festivals.

Starting the year : between 5500 and 7900 for the european residents and between 7860 and 9500€

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This is of course a non-exhaustive list, and there are many other schools just as good – although some are obviously better – and offers the same type of training.

Once their studies finished, the graduate does not have to have the fear of falling in a funnel. In effect, the cinema of animation is in constant search of personal.

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