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mouvement de caméra

a camera movement what is it ?

Sometimes it happens to me to burn the steps, well, almost…I think this is the case with my article on the dolly ! And yes I will start by talking about travelling as I have not spoken to you of what is a moving camera ! Simply because for me : it’s obvious !

The camera movement is life !

Well I’m doing may be cases lol but at the bottom I am not far from the truth. Cinema or video, in general, have this particular in relation to the photo because what you shoot moves. Unless you’re shooting in a fixed plane at a taxidermist ! ;o)

Joking aside, you have the chance to evolve your actors face to the lens of your camera but also to change your camera around your actors !

But a movement what is it ?

To speak of movement it is necessary that there is displacement or rotation of the axis of the camera. I hear you already saying : “houuuu we knew it !” but some are wrong.

Let’s take an example, let’s say you’re shooting your character sitting at a café table. You want to get closer to him. As you have asked your cameraman to mount a zoom on the camera you opt for a lightweight zoom in order to save two values to plan and finish plan chest.

You just make a move ! AND WELL NO ! ;o) zoom in or zoom out is not considered a movement, since the camera doesn’t move.

On the other hand if you decide to get you closer to your character the camera to the shoulder to win the two values of plans, then yes, it is a movement, it is even a dolly ;o)

The movement for say what ?

The movement of camera supports as the rest of the technical realization of the purpose of the story. The camera movements are not used just to follow a character, a camera movement may also be used to describe a place, submit an assembly or set of characters.

In a subjective (as we will also see later ;o)) the movement of the camera can show an object essential to the understanding of the story.

They can also represent looks, gestures or behavior…in short, the movement of the camera offers immense possibilities of narration.

How many are there of movements then ?

In the end there is not that much, there are the movements that will :

– toward the front

– toward the back

– to the right

– to the left

– to the top

– towards the bottom


ATTENTION : I’ve even seen him hanging out on the net that the plane sequence was a movement ! NO !

A sequence plan is a plan that covers a sequence. Otherwise we would have called it…a movement sequence (I have to drop this name here ;o))

Let’s be serious two seconds : a sequence plan as we have seen in the article : the plan sequence what is it ?, As you know a plan sequence this can be also a fixed plan that covers the entire sequence ! The plan sequence is not necessarily done in the movement QED !

It is done ! it’s good to put things back as they should be or not ?!


Let us return to our sheep, the movement of the camera. As I explained above there is no 36 movements :

We have :

The dolly (see article on dolly)

The panoramic

And…that’s all ! (You will notice that I do not speak here of cropping that is more a matter of aesthetics of” balance “ as a movement in itself)

What it takes for you to remember is that with these two names and movements you can do all the movements.

What will change it is the hardware that you will use to make the movement camera.

A dolly is with a Panther, in the shoulder, steadicam or the easyrig or a car or a car dolly ! Will not have the same rendering !

For the pan it is exactly the same thing. Whether you’re taking a panning left-right to the shoulder, on feet to the steadicam or the louma will not make not the same thing.

Thanks to all of the combinations and the equipment at your disposal you can give different impressions or a ” reading “ different to the same scene.

I’m not going to dwell on the panoramic in this article devoted to the movements camera because I would like just you to do an article on the topic ;o)

Today, new technologies are developed to improve the movement of the camera. Small geniuses have also developed drones to make fluid movements and amazing.

Some productions also continue to use gunships to give another dimension to their images and movements.

Even if you don’t have a big means be creative and put the camera movement at the service of your story.

That’s it for this article on the camera movement (the camera movement in the without wide..because we have seen that there are many ;o)) I put also a video film classes that will show you a very simple way (too may be) what are the movements of the camera.


If you can’t see the video above here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjxvqaf-y2k

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