Can you put new fronts on cabinets?

Can you put new fronts on cabinets?

REFACING YOUR CABINETS Changing the look of your cabinets can involve sanding, priming and painting surfaces. But an easier option is refacing, where you purchase new doors, drawer fronts, veneers and end panels. You can still select new materials, colors and door styles when you reface your cabinets.

What are the fronts of cabinets called?

Drawer or cabinet face:This is the visible front of a cabinet or drawer. In standard cabinets, the face showcases the front of the door and the surrounding frame, depending on the style of cabinetry. In cabinet drawers, the face is the finished front of the box that contains a handle for opening the drawer.

What are pinned doors?

A pin hinge a traditional hinge style that rotates on a vertical axis maintained by a single pin. Pin and barrel hinges are used for cabinetry doors, but they are also very commonly used on both interior and exterior doors. That is because cabinetry doors have smaller pins that are easily bent.

What do you call cabinet with glass doors?

Mullions are the dividing bars that separate glass panes in a door, much like those found in window panes. For many years, mullioned glass cabinet doors were the most popular choice among homeowners, mostly because there weren’t that many styles of glass-front cabinet doors available.

What are drawer fronts for kitchen cabinets?

Drawer Fronts Drawer fronts are the cousin to your cabinet doors. If and when you decide to add replacement cabinet doors to your kitchen, bath, or office, you’ll need to add replacement drawer fronts as well. The Door Stop makes finding the perfect size and style easy when you begin replacing kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

What colors do kitchen cabinet doors come in?

Refresh and rejuvenate your kitchen’s look with new kitchen cabinet doors. They come in colors such as white, gray or natural, and woods including oak, maple, birch and cherry.

Can I get my own custom doors and drawer fronts?

You can even get your own custom doors and drawer fronts with four different wood species to choose from. Shop Standard Sized Cabinet Doors & Drawer FrontsShop Custom Sized Cabinet Doors & Drawer FrontsShop Cabinet Paint

Can you replace cabinet doors and drawer fronts?

Available in a variety of styles & sizes Cabinet Doors & Drawer FrontsIf you want to change the look of your kitchen but dread the idea of a major renovation, just replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts! Simply swapping out the old for a new design can instantly upgrade your kitchen without having to change the setup of your cabinets.

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