Can you still buy Frango mints?

Can you still buy Frango mints?

Macy’s, Inc. will continue to sell Frango products in the Frango Café at Macy’s State Street store in Chicago, at more than 350 additional Macy’s store locations in the United States and online at

Is Frango good chocolate?

5.0 out of 5 starsStill as good as ever. I’ve enjoyed Frango chocolates for many years. When our local Macy’s store was closed recently, I had to resort to mail order to find them. The flavor is very consistently excellent.

Are Frango Mints good?

The mint flavor is my personal favorite, but they are all delicious! Buy these every year and what can i say, they are truely delicious. The mint flavor is my personal favorite, but they are all delicious!

Does Walmart sell Frango mints?

Frango Dark Chocolate Mint- 45 Pieces (16 Oz) –

What does Frango stand for?

British English: chicken /ˈtʃɪkɪn/ NOUN. meat Chicken is the meat that comes from chickens.

How many Frangos come in a box?

Frango Mint Trio 30-piece Box Add-on.

Who makes Frangos?

Garrett Popcorn Shops

As a Marshall Field’s licensee, Macy’s created a Pacific Northwest version of the Frango logo still used today across the country.
A close-up of Frango mints, in packaging
Product type Chocolate truffle
Owner Garrett Popcorn Shops
Country United States

Are Frango mints from Chicago?

Originally made in the candy kitchen on Marshall Field’s 13th floor, Frango mint chocolates are quintessentially Chicago. Frango Mint Trio includes original milk mint, dark mint, and white mint chocolate pieces infused with fine peppermint oil.

Are Frango mints still made in Chicago?

Garrett’s started in Chicago in 1949, and has remained Chicago-based since then. The Frango brand, famous for its mints, started in Seattle, then owned and operated for several decades by the Marshall Field’s department store chain in Chicago, where the chocolates also were produced.

What language is Frango?

Translation of frango – Portuguese–English dictionary.

What does Frango mean in Greek?

Frangos or Fragkos (Greek: Φράγκος) is a Greek surname. It means “Frank”, referring to a Western European or a Roman Catholic person.

What happened to Frangos?

In the beginning of 2017, Garrett Popcorn Shops acquired the rights to sell Frango from Macy’s. While the department store continues to sell their own version, Garrett Popcorn Shops will be focused on growing the chocolate brand while preserving its rich heritage and traditions from both cities.

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