[Chronic] to Choose the lens that looks like you

[Chronique] Choisir l’objectif qui vous ressemble

Hello to all,

A lot of people have asked me by e-mail to advise them what were good books to learn the cinema.

So I had the idea of concocting from time to time of the chronicles books that will help you increase your skills !

For this first column, I’ve opted for the e-book : Choose the purpose you like, the book of Laurent Breillat, photographer and webmaster of the blog (learn photography). This is Laurent and his blog inspired me to create (learn the cinema).

“Choose the purpose you like it’: a book that speaks not only to the photographers

First of all, you are probably wondering why I chose to reviewing a book written by a photographer. I did this for several reasons :

  • Because photography and cinema are intimately linked, particularly in terms of the rules of optics;
  • Because there are many people interested in cinema that are also involved in the photography;
  • Because that increase their skills in photography is equivalent also to increase his skills in cinema, and that it is often easier to start with the photography;
  • Because cameras are increasingly present in the video and they are a more credible and a good idea for the amateur, semi-pro and even professional tight budget;
  • Because the book of Lawrence is excellent and it deserves that we pay attention to

One could believe that to Choose the purpose you like is a simple guide of the best goals of the market, well, no !

It is much more than that. You will have the right to a true course on optics with many concepts explained : focal length, sensor size, the difference between a fixed focal length and a zoom, etc

In addition, this book will help you to understand your needs in terms of objectives. It is indeed very well detailed. Laurent takes care of you and give you the best advice taking into account the many areas of photography : portraits, urban landscapes, budgetary constraints and the different technical constraints.

And if you ever do not know what are your real needs, this is not serious. In the course of this book, you will arrive precisely at the set.

7 books in 1

Attention, this is not a book that Lawrence offers us, but seven !

The basic book : Choose the objective that you like

You will find many definitions and explanations about the optical. You will see what are the important constraints to take into account and how to succeed in maximizing the quality of your results for the areas of shooting :

  • Daily life and Memories;
  • Portrait;
  • Macro;
  • Animal;
  • Story;
  • Architecture;
  • Photo of night;
  • Travel;
  • Shows;
  • Studio Mode;
  • Astronomy;
  • Submarine.

The 2012 guide of Canon lenses

A classification in function of different needs (defined in book 1) and a precise description by objective, for the best lens in Canon mount available on the market.

The 2012 guide to the Nikon lenses

Idem for the Nikon lenses.

The 2012 guide of Pentax

Idem for the Pentax lenses.

The 2012 guide of the objective Sony

Idem for the Sony lenses.

Save on the material

This guide is really worth the detour ! Laurent offers us here, in fact, a lot of information to find material at the best price and with the least possible constraints. Thus, you will see details of the purchase on the internet, the purchase occasion, buying abroad, the rental and the purchase of optical vintage (for analog cameras). Note that all the advice given in this guide apply not only to objectives but to all photographic material or film.

How to maintain your camera

This book has been very useful and taught me a lot of small stuff that I didn’t know, including how to change lens, to maintain them and about the dangers that I had not necessarily expected for my device.


The final e-book of Laurent, with more than 900 pages of good content deserves the high praise it has already received. The book is really useful, as much for the amateur to the professional. The issues that he discusses are at the height of the answers that it offers. In short, an indispensable guide that will make you unbeatable on the objectives and the optical.

Download ” Choose the objective you like and its 7 ebooks
Benefits Disadvantages
  • Very complete
  • extremely easy-to-read
  • Many of the points discussed
  • Topics covered in depth
  • Book 2-in-1 with the science of optics and the comparative very well done
  • The 2 bonuses on maintenance and how to buy cheaper
  • The links allow for easy navigation
  • Unable to return to the previous menu once you have clicked on a link
  • The part on the sharpness would be worth more developed
For whom is this book ? For that is not this book ?
  • For those who are interested in photography
  • For those who are interested in the optical
  • For those who would like to learn and build
  • For those who are looking to invest in the equipment video, and photo
  • For those of you who already know by heart all the rules of optical
  • For those who are not interested in the optical
Download ” Choose the objective you like and its 7 ebooks

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