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Matthew McConaughey flies in the stars on board the ship of Christopher Nolan. Science-fiction spatial, anticipatory, thriller, family, ecology, disaster, philosophy, good feelings, physical, love, action, relativity, Nolan multiplies the facets and densifies the concept of INTERSTELLAR up to touch the universal. Where Aronofsky was planted in “The Fountain ” with similar ambitions, Nolan manages to assemble the pieces of the puzzle, and to make the concept understandable, or relevant. None of his films is never really easy, about often reaches depths of complexity, but here we touch the sublime. The film deserves several viewings to fully understand the ambitions of the philosophical Nolaniennes. And to appreciate the diversity of the reflection. I don’t put 10/10 because I do not know if there is not a little bit of powder in the eyes. Emerveillé, but not fooled

The Story : The earth is experiencing ecological changes major and irremediable. Humanity short to its loss. Cooper is a former pilot now farmer. Events inexplicable led him to discover a project of rescue of the inhabitants of the blue planet. His odyssey will lead him to discover the mysteries of the universe.

A lot of expectations around this INTERSTELLAR . Comparison with the 2001 master Kubrick, the suspicions of gloubi boulga scientist, rumors of masterpiece or oven abysmal. Difficult to remain unaffected by so many of the comments prior, that I carefully avoided. Come virgin from any suspicion and any excessive excitation (in spite of the attempts of bribery or coercion), I will avoid spoiler at all will not spoil the happiness of the many surprises hidden in the film (casting, script, outcome).

Small inventory of the great qualities of this film :

– The storyline is extremely well-crafted and ensures a constant voltage. Little dead time without purposes accurate. The quiet calls the storm, the storms called squalls. For a film of almost 3 hours, an amazing achievement that never to let fall the blown. From the corn fields to cross the universe, while keeping a consistent order, I say hat. Christopher and his brother Jonathan have made a true work of art, as precise as the fine watchmaking. The bricks fit together, the mysteries are clarified, fabulous to see what the human mind is capable of inventing.

– To say that Nolan knows how to shoot and edit his films is a statement of the obvious. All of his filmography, its very good movies with more questionable, demonstrates his art of juxtaposition, and the concatenation. Past master in the art of diversion, chronological and geographical, it likes to lose the viewer in a maelstrom of apparently inextricable, while giving enough keys to find the exit of the maze. The simplicity is not its main quality, he proves it once more, without falling into inconsistency the most grime. Let the imagination of the viewer, yes, immerse it in a thick fog, very little for me.

– That said pace with said music adjusted. Hans Zimmer performs a partition that will be a date. His solo organ reminiscent of Vangélis and therefore Bach (I recall that Vangélis was the great organizer of Aphrodite’s Child, themselves known for the unforgettable “A whiter Shade of Pale ” composed by Vangélis, himself greatly inspired by Bach). The wanderings in space will take a sharp turn for the mystic and re-echo the notes of Zimmer. That has not kept the main air in the head for long hours after the end of the projection ?

– A great director knows how to choose the appropriate actors. And Nolan did not make a mistake. 2014 is the year of McConaughey , and Anne Hathaway is in the spotlight for many years. Together, they carry the film on their shoulders. Matthew has acquired a charism that is huge for 5 years and this film is the pinnacle of his filmography recent. Since ” Killer Joe “, by way of “Paperboy , and especially ” Dallas Buyers Club “, he makes film after film that he is no longer the twink bodybuilder without flavor that it has long been. The density of her gaze, the depth of his game, the simplicity of his phrasing, the impact that he gives to each scene, Matthew is definitely the actor’s hot at the moment. Even a little bit more than Christian Bale or Leo (the other two foals Nolan ,…). Anne Hathaway has this ability to express the emotion with great economy of means. In short, both of them are parties to review regularly the on-screen…

INTERSTELLAR is the story of a quasi-mystical quest, blending humanity, quantum physics and the laws of relativity with an energy truly astounding. I don’t say I have understood everything, but the mysteries of the science to give the film a charm, and imbues it with a mysterious aura that does a lot for his security intellectual. Because yes, there is action, yes, there are some twists and turns. But there would have been than that, the film would have remained a blockbuster movie without a soul. Entertaining, but quickly forgotten. However, I can assure, this film will date, the mill is running at full and the mind has no time to rest.

– The film has an ecological undeniable. The earth is dying, food is running out, what choice is left to the humanity not to disappear ? Pitch chilling surfing on the wave already old to stop growth at any will and the mismanagement characterized. This film is a stone to the edifice erected by Sun green, The son of man , or the army of The 12 monkeys. More ambitious still.

– Bring together so many themes, so many times spatio-temporal, and so density can lead a film to the disaster, the fault of gigantism exacerbated. All of the art of Nolan is successful in juggling all the elements without dropping a single ball. The balance is preserved, the attention is retained, the odyssey is successful. As Odysseus arriving at Ithaca against winds, tides and cyclops, Cooper was sailing on the boat of Nolan without sinking. The class.

”The followers of chills, fans of action, fans of the thriller, the affiliated philosophical, geeks to the last degree, the dreamers licensed. This is all the magic of Nolan, speaking to all audiences without losing anyone on the way”

– Warning : slight Spoiler ! I made the account references to 2001 . The little robots that look like monoliths, the space station Endurance looks like two drops of water to the station around the earth in 2001 , back in the black hole looks like in the fall in Jupiter, the concept of a library looks at the concept of furniture Louis XV, the robots are reminiscent of HAL in addition to pleasant. All that and more. Force is to admit that the filiation between 2001 and INTERSTELLAR is pretty obvious. 2001 digging a furrow prior to any philosophical, INTERSTELLAR attempts the mix of genres, adding to the action, and a humanist objective. 2001 was cold and surgical, Interstellar is less cerebral and will reach a wider audience. After, I prefer 2001 , it is eminently personal !.

Some of the data that cost her 10/10 for this beautiful film :

I’m not sure that Nolan and his brother have spent their Agrég’ of physics. For the little I know, the theories put into action are applied in a manner extremely fanciful. Ably of course, but I’m afraid a few cries of purists in relativity. After that, we plug a little, the common man will remain amazed in front of both of mastery, just that it annoys me a little to say anything to the development of universal rules. I will ask the opinion of experts on the issue for more legitimacy because I am not able myself to answer any questions you may have. All I know is that a black hole has a gravity internal so strong that nothing can resist, not even a ship of Nasa

– A bit like ” Dallas Buyers Club “, a movie so good, leaves me a doubt after the first screening. After its 9/10 original DBC was increased to 10 using a second viewing. Morality, I will have to revisit INTERSTELLAR , to ensure that the film will pass to posterity without any hassle.

The public fans of the genres will find their account in this fantastic journey. The followers of chills, fans of action, fans of the thriller, the affiliated philosophical, geeks to the last degree, the dreamers licensed. This is all the magic of Nolan, speaking to all audiences without losing anyone en-route and contenting all the world, cleverly and brilliantly. The modern entertainment is full or is not. The proof is, Nolan masters it to perfection.

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Original title : Interstellar

Production : Christopher Nolan

Screenplay : Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan

Main actors : Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine,Jessica Chastain, John Lithgow

Country of origin : America

Released : NOVEMBER 5, 2014

Duration : 2h49min

Distributor : Warner Bros. France

Synopsis :the film tells about The adventures of a group of explorers who use a flaw recently discovered in the space-time in order to push the human limits and the conquest of the distances astronomical in interstellar travel.


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