Qiu has ever imagined for himself the following of the adventures of his favorite hero ? When the last chapter of the last book closes, we would like to sometimes stir up a curiosity of human in pursuing the object of our admiration in his wanderings subsequent. And then, what happens then ? Then there’s Mr Holmes, a dream incarnate of see the myth beyond the myth, brought to the screen by Ian McKellen more dashing than ever.

In 1947, in an England pastoral still all woozy from the war, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, on which one always returns in the sighting on a train platform, lives a retirement monotonous in a cottage in the company of his housekeeper, Mrs. Munro (Laura Linney), and of the son, the young Roger (Milo Parker). If his mind is sharp, his memory fails and his body thin, teetering on the top of his 93 years. But it is more important for this grand escogriffe that the hives which he looks after with passion: his memories. The reminiscences of the cases solved that made its fame and reputation. The floating image of the case Ann Kelmot (Hattie Morahan), just before pulling his reverence, thirty-five years earlier…

The mind sharp, of Mr Holmes pitching, and between present reality, past imperfect, and nightmares at night. The film plays on these three paintings, going, returning, going back. The bedridden rejuvenates, aging, and meets a woman (his case), then another (his housekeeper), forgets and starts all over again. The vast meanders of the memory are explored from the inside out, masterfully. The time is assassin and removes even the most brilliant of their faculties hands. Sad fate, recalled by the precise movements of the actor, a living incarnation of senescence. That is a feat.

The work plays also to blur the border between fiction and truth. Holmes complains of having been transformed into a caricature by his faithful Watson, who would have distorted his adventures in the form of bestselling novels. But when he needs to soothe the conscience of a mysterious japanese with which he travelled in a Hiroshima in ashes (the H-bomb exploded two years ago), the detective himself becomes a master of the lie by writing a letter to his invention. Writing a piece of his history in the middle of another story, Sherlock becomes his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, the great scots writer that gave him life, in our dimension.

“An adaptation is rich and full of malice.”

As Saturn, the god of the mythological, the author devour the child that he had created, for fear that he would kill him. The in his nineties Sherlock Holmes, became in the eyes of her society, a character of police officers, must change in character of his own hand in order to break the curse. After having struggled all his life to break the stereotypes against her, the old man gives way to the image that was given of him and finally did his, to find peace. This recalls a poll conducted by the Daily Telegraph , and in 2011 had revealed a surprising result: 20% of the British surveyed were convinced of the actual existence of Holmes, who was a fabulous find literary.

These are all levels that intertwine, in this adaptation, rich and full of malice, his coronation residing in his aesthetic licked, and his dialogues impactful. We welcome Laura Linney, who did wonders and that we see too little in the foreground in recent years. As a mother working mistrustful of the influence of the old Sherlock on his son, she burst onto the eyes of sincerity. And the scene of the closing, of all beauty, pounds a ultimate time the moral of a long life full of twists and turns: make a thousand fates of existence, the moment at the end of the track you find the beautiful certainty of having accomplished something. Elementary my dear Watson ?


Original title : Mr. Holmes

Production : Bill Condon

Screenplay : Jeffrey Hatcher, based on the novel of Mitch Cullin’s ‘A Slight Trick of the Mind’

Main players : Sir Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker

Country of origin : United Kingdom, United States

Released : 19 June 2015 (UK), soon in France

Duration : 1h44

Distributor : Miramax, Roadside Attractions

Synopsis : In 1947, a Sherlock Holmes in his nineties trying to recall his last case, so that it is long retired to the countryside.


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