We saw 21 NIGHTS WITH PATTIE first in French at the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême, which took place last August.

The filmmakers-screenwriters Jean-Marie Larrieu and Arnaud Larrieu have a habit of making movies on characters that have relationships somewhat extraordinary between them and give nature a full part. 21 NIGHTS WITH PATTIE is no exception to the rule, even if their interpreters favorites are not present : it is only meet, therefore, neither Mathieu Amalric (The Love is a perfect crime , or The last days of the world), or Sabine Azéma (The journey to the Pyrenees or to Paint or make love).

The spectators were familiar with their universe to the edge of the politically correct, therefore, will not be disappointed ! For those who have never rubbed, the brothers Larrieu have warned : 21 NIGHTS WITH PATTIE is a tale for adults !

The story takes place in the black mountains of the Aude, is conducive to the beliefs and supernatural events, as it seems often on the feast of the Virgin on 15 August. In fact the body of Zaza, the mother just died, Caroline/Isabelle Carré, is going to disappear and then reappear just as mysteriously. Follow the twists and turns to find the body before the funeral and unmask the culprits. The responsible is this nécrophile searched by the gendarmerie ? Is it Jean/Andre Dussolier, unlikely JMG Le Clézio, or Kamil, the son of Pattie/Karin Viard? Unless there are no plausible explanations ?

The prudish city-Caroline encounters Pattie, housekeeper and friend to his mother, who assumes totally fieffée naughty, endeavouring to tell him about his coucheries with great details and words very raw. It’s clear that the brothers Larrieu are delighted to offer to Karin Viard this offensive language. They are not the only ones because Julie Delpy has recently also been inspired by Karin Viard in Lolo.

Recognize that dialogues of this film talkative are rather tasty and funny. But it is ultimately pretty bland, even if the purpose is to demonstrate the openness of Pattie, which will be discussed in the next part of the story that we will not disclose not.

The presence of Pattie reconnect Caroline to her own sexuality, she has no desire for her husband that she loves yet again (Sergi Lopez in a brief appearance). The directors have taken advantage of us discover this extraordinary woman, through the eyes of Caroline : they wanted to have a generous, natural, free, sexy and fully assume his sexuality, lover of life and of men… the ideal woman for the brothers Larrieu , in fact !

These meetings refreshing place in a large house squattée by a sacred band of oddballs (family, friends, workers) and country-caring individuals who are merrily the feast in the village. All this beautiful world has a very natural body and fucks her so joyful that she didn’t embarrass of social codes.

“21 nights with Pattie explores a number of genres, leaving an impression of a moment out of time, imbued with a certain poetry.”

But the movie, a genuine ode to life, do not let us not be fooled by this painting of the world a little too fanciful and idealistic to be believable. The story explores resulted in several genres, without daring to choose a specific, questioning the viewer undecided : what was this movie ? He comes out with the feeling of having spent a moment outside of time and imbued with a certain poetry, which blends harmoniously suspense and the supernatural.

A supernatural passage sometimes frustrating for the viewer and handy in the scenario, just get the Prize for Best Screenplay at the International Film Festival of San Sebastian.

Finally, as with any tale, the staging of the directors holds us voluntarily at a distance : they tell us, but do we not involve, and we are not affected by the characters. We see them move with our eyes only, and not with our heart.

The two actresses are quite fair in spite of the strokes a little too exaggerated in their characters, lacking nuance. Isabelle Carré avoids little trap of the type of roles in which it would have a tendency to lock up (nunuche inadequate of life, as in musical Chairs ) and Karin Viard (Beautiful Families) will assume with enthusiasm the incarnation of his character tease sex addict.

Special Mention to the actors who are great : André Dussolier , which still has the capacity to surprise, Denis Lavant (Grazziela) and its presence intense even in shorts, Philippe Rebbot (A family for rent) always as natural, regardless of its role, and finally, Laurent Poitrenaux (Microbe and Gasoil) a policeman fine psychologist !


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