[critical] A Balcony Over The Sea

In the south of France, Marc, married and father of a family, leading a comfortable life as a real estate agent. The chance of a sale, he meets a woman with a bewitching charm which the face is familiar. He thinks to recognize Cathy, the love of his 12 years in Algeria was violent, at the end of the war of independence. After a night of love, the young woman disappears. Over the days, doubt takes hold of Mark : who is really the one claiming to be called Cathy ? An investigation begins.

Author’s Note


Release Date : December 15, 2010

Directed by Nicole Garcia

Film French

With Jean Dujardin, Marie-Josée Croze, Sandrine Kiberlain

Duration : 1h45min

Original title : A Balcony Over The Sea

Trailer :

Nicole Garcia born in Oran in 1946. Oran, where is, in part, A Balcony overlooking The Sea. Didn’t see there is no coincidence, therefore, since the roots of the producer are well-anchored. An Algeria that she knows on the tip of his fingers, and that the film portrayed with violence and emotion, in the guise of the war of independence that took place between 1954 and 1962.

The encounter between a young girl, Cathy, and Marc, at the age of 12 years only. A friendship that quickly becomes “more than that” in the eyes of the two children. A beautiful day, Marc is forced to leave the country to settle in the south of France without a farewell or goodbye against Cathy.

And then the years pass and the boy becomes the father of the family by exercising her profession as a real estate agent. Until one day he meets a beautiful and enigmatic woman who wanted to buy a gorgeous home.

Suffice to say a first truth on the film, Jean Dujardin is – once again – very good in his acting. He depicts wonderfully a type that, from one day to the next day, sees his life turned upside down by an apparition that quickly becomes a certainty in his eyes. This woman he has in front of him is beautiful and well Cathy.

A Marie-Josée Croze just emerging film Mothers And Daughters ( Julie Lopes-Curval) and Freedom ( Tony Gatlif). You can feel however hesitant about some of the plans is felt, and sometimes even some discomfort in saying “But what does it do ? What are the expectations ?”

The second role well in place, such as Toni Servillo and Sandrine Kiberlain – not enough, you may regret it – that the film does not fall entirely within a certain weariness.

It is clear and real without call thatA Balcony On The Sea does that mainly on a single person : Jean Dujardin. The year 2010 has been rich for him (The Small Handkerchiefs, The Sound Of Ice cubes). Rich in every sense of the term, since the actor was the actor French the best paid in 2009.

A work full of finesse and emotion to a role that will once again to perfection. Jean Dujardin is a species of man-chameleon that few other roles can escape him. He knows how to play everything on all plans.

However, its presence is not sufficient to establish A Balcony On The Sea , like a great film, like a good vintage Nicole Garcia. The film suffers from a certain length, and these are not the emotions drawn from the flash-backs of algerians who will appease this sensation.

We would have appreciated more details about this war, this algerian city is Oran, this course and these years totally almost heartbreaking that had to spend the woman caught in his memories.

A Balcony On The Sea is not a bad film for all that. Borrowings of emotion and quest for truth, Nicole Garcia has fully succeeded in the choice of his first role.

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