[critical] a LITTLE, A LOT, BLINDLY

Pirst realization of Clovis Cornillac (Radiostars) that surrounds them to this comedy of Mélanie Bernier (Kids / Assault), Philippe Duquesne and his charming wife Lilou Fogli. Moreover, it is the latter that has had the original idea. The basic idea for this scenario a bit surreal.

Judge rather : He is an inventor of puzzles. Invested body and soul in his work, he cannot concentrate in the silence. She is an accomplished pianist and can’t live without music.It has to prepare a competition that could change his life. They will have to cohabit without being able to see

The originality of this comedy, it is his willingness to really make them laugh with the help of a stage is neat. Moreover, Cornillac insisted on it during the 5th Meetings Of the South. For him the preaching in the French comedies; it is the absence of a real scene. He even confessed that he had played in this kind of comedy. Where this desire to take care of his framework and search for the best in all other technical aspects (music, lighting, acting,…).

One of the elements marking of this film lies in the scenery: the two apartments are separated only by a partition wall, really little muffled. What gives you the right to scenes that are hilarious where everyone tries to crack the other (One passes in the vacuum cleaner in the late hours or you have forgotten to cut his dry hair voluntarily, for example for the most wise).

A bit like it was at the bottom in the film the War of The Rose. This story of a couple of yuppies, the Rose, which, after an existence they felt happy and comfortable, will return suddenly one against the other, omitting no baseness to destroy itself, up to the appeasement and the conquest of the moment of happiness final.

But what is new is that there are two neighboring buildings that touch each other. It was on the screen as a large loft which contains two homes. On one side, and Machin (Cornillac) and his space is rather tidy, with all his inventions wacky in the middle. He doesn’t really like the contact with the outside world and especially the people with their new technology (especially the laptop). The other Machine (Bernier) in his apartment is less functional, trying to prepare for his contest quietly; but do not doubt that she shall cohabit with her neighbor.

Despite a chance encounter, she discovers that it is he who animates the tables by an ingenious mechanism and other tricks to make people believe a presence of a spirit.

After bickering and try to have the top of one over the other. They will decide to cut the pear in two by putting up a schedule which gives them in turn to one and to the other the right to do what he wants ( including and especially even the things that are very noisy). This will lead to of course an approximation, and in particular that the two are going to be asked to talk about a long night together. Then this will turn into a cohabitation of the original and the beginning of a relationship especially unique. Live together but each on his side. And speaking only through this partition.

“A Little, a Lot, Blindly is a comedy light and fresh, really innovative”

The first feature of Clovis Cornillac is truly touching. The strength of the story and the talent of the actors gathered for the film make this romantic comedy a comedy light and fresh, really innovative.

The most tasty is the double date where Bob invites his only friend for a long time and Machine also receives his sister. They are going to put a table against wall and a respective present to the other spouse. That entitles you to a scene extremely flavorful and delicious.

The lovely couple for the opportunity to work a lot. To him, rather boorish and, Mélanie Bernier with a touch that is both simple and natural. A small side Clara Morgane with the same kind of tone of voice suave.

A little, a lot, blindly I was really marked me the following usually sealed to this popular genre; preferring instead to its counterpart in the anglo-saxon. A great success story.

Small anecdote: The film was titled at the outset Machin Machine, such as the nicknames of the two main characters whose name is never revealed during the film.

The other outputs of the may 6, 2015





– Interview of LILOU FOGLI


Original title : a little, A lot, blindly

Achievement : Clovis Cornillac

Scenario : Lilou Fogli, Clovis Cornillac, Tristan Schulmann and Mathieu Oullion

Main actors : Clovis Cornillac, Mélanie Bernier, Lilou Fogli, Philippe Duquesne

Country of origin : France

Released : may 6, 2015

Duration : 1h42mn

Distributor : Paramount

Synopsis : He is an inventor of puzzles. Invested body and soul in his work, he cannot concentrate in the silence.

She is an accomplished pianist and can’t live without music.

It has to prepare a competition that could change his life.

They will have to cohabit without being able to see…

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