[critical] A World Without Women

A small seaside resort on the Picardy Coast, last week of August. Handing them the keys to a rented apartment, Sylvain made the acquaintance of a young mother and her daughter, as gorgeous as the other. The perfect opportunity to get out if only for a few days a solitary life in which women are desperately absent.

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 8, 2012

Directed by Guillaume Brac

Film French

With Vincent Macaigne, Laure Calamy, Constance Rousseau

Duration : 1h23min

Original title : A World Without Women

Trailer :

“It is still better than the Corse ! “ exclaims Patricia on the balcony of his apartment, facing the spray of the picardy coast. A small air of Jacques Tati, a bit of Eric Rohmer by here and you’re there. A World Without Women propels you in the universe tender and melancholic end of summer at the beach.

Two seductive young women, the mother and daughter, they would take to the sisters – land of the paris region. Here they are ready to have fun for a little week of vacation. In the program, fishing, dancing, and seduction, especially to Patricia (the gorgeous Laure Calamy), which leads to his daughter (the beautiful Constance Rousseau) in his adventures. Upon their arrival, these beautiful are under siege from the suitors and, above all, Vincent Macaigne (Sylvain in the film) that holds the bar high in the subtlety and expressiveness of the game. This character of single cursed, shy to the extreme, though enrolled with enthusiasm in these new friendships for women.

Without ever sinking into the pathos, or the cliché, A World Without Women, we speak of the character of both obvious and non-obvious of the amorous encounter.

A small air of Tati, a bit of Rohmer here and you’re there. A world Without Women propels you in the universe tender and melancholic end of summer at the beach.

Finally, it takes quite a bit to that between two people, bonds are formed… And just as little that those same links to be removed. A few words, gestures, a look of too much or less, that does it for that it works or, more exactly, for it to gears ? Conjunction of chance and circumstances of one side, plumb and (in)self-determination of the other, the recipe is not simple for that, a meeting, to be born a relationship.

Guillaume Brac explores this sensitive area, the moment where everything is possible but nothing is done, it can be dizzying and scary. Fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of the other as one wishes as long, declare that it is not an easy task. Each character tries in his own way, sometimes silly, sometimes violent, but always heartfelt. The trio of actors works wonderfully, between a Sylvain introverted, Patricia, to say the least extroverted and Juliet, the young girl informed. It is this last that seems to have a certain wisdom, against the point of adults who escriment to infinite gallant lovers ‘ talk.

This figure of the grace that gives the film its depth, an accent of melancholy that resonates throughout the scenes. Something seems to be missing at the table. Because these moments are simple and poignant that share the characters could be those of a family… This family that none of them really, but they are invented in the space of a week, without rules or convention.

From there, without a doubt, the incredible wind of freedom blowing on the beach of their loves imperfect. The dialogues are smart, the tone is just right, the pace is good, and each scene burst like a bubble of truth, full of hope and freshness.

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