[critical] BIS

Thepitch : two quarantine are parachuted in 1986, the time of their adolescence. The opportunity to take stock of their lives, and what they might change.

On this idea, the writers have shaped BIS as an object of popular French self-cite a lot and look for the offset for a look that is seems distant and ironic about himself… Yet, many times, or BIS tent the reflection-meta are properly disturbing, watching the actors push and hold in their own discomfort… As aware of a funny idea on paper, but impossible to put into image without a minimum of sincerity.

This may be a problem of BIS. The film looks too much like a patchwork quilt without the soul of ideas, references and photos from the rich pop-culture in france, but assembled by a scenario-formula without any ounce of originality associated to a realization of the impersonal as possible.

The other (big) problem, it is the humor.

Valves, sets, situations… The confrontation between the two epochs through character anachronistic is the source of a sense of humor that relies too much on the use of this context in order to exist. The rest is comic situation (heavy) and exploitation of icts to Merad and Dubosc.

In fact, BIS is the negative popular and commercial of the excellent Camille Redouble. Everything seems so much more already-seen, the film by Noémie Lvovsky , already contained its share of borrowings to the popular culture (starting with the film of FFC). The only point commonly successful, is that emotion from the exchanges between characters… When they speak to us of the non-said, a tenderness that has never existed between them. Very beautiful and delicate in both films, even if, when it is a foundation of the film Lvovsky, this is just fireworks in the mouth-hole in BIS.

Therefore, it’s difficult, not to spit on BIS, as the film combines the bad. His pitch already-seen, is his sense of humor that never works (despite the stamp “void” of Dominique Farrugia), its lack of ambition in terms of mise-en-scène… a Few spikes of emotion catch up with you off the set, but if you have a negative feeling… Absolutely nothing of the film you will change your mind.

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