For a first feature film – shot of his short film, Love is dead – we can say that with RUPTURE FOR ALL, Eric Captain comes out more as well. The director proposes that a comedy is refreshing and full of charm, with an original script and text, sharp.

After the magnificent Taste of the wonders, here we find Benjamin Lavernhe in the role more lightweight but just as singular Mathias Lonisse. A character that instantly reminds one of Patrick Jane in the series The Mentalist : he wears a gray suit three-piece with shoes in brown and lives in a sort of warehouse which is also his office. But above all, he guesses, and analysis at-a-glance “emotional state” of his interlocutors. So much so, that it has made its business in creating the company Love is dead who cares to break your romantic relationships to your site, without crashing or domestic scene. It was then that Juliette (Elisa Ruschke) enters his life (professional), puts his grain of salt feminine and brings sensitivity and pizzazz to all of this. Mathias is riding with aplomb on his certainties and his thriving business until the day that it measures, at its expense, the consequences of his actions…

The subject may seem surprising, it does not remain about it less than credible within society “kleenex” in which we live : everything flows and can be easily replaced and it does not cease to offer services more and more delusional. We imagine easily that the company Love is Dead can exist in the reality, without necessarily adhering to its concept. So far, BREAK FOR ALL is not a movie generation which only goes to thirty-somethings. It is firmly rooted in our time, but addressed wisely at all (as its name indicates) through the breaking unexpectedly the parents of Mathias, who brings depth to the scenario. Under the guise of comedy to reveal the delicate questions but frequently the state of the couple after retirement, and the difficulty, at any age, to accept the separation of his own parents. More generally, there is the question of how we are often “lynx towards our same and moles to ourselves“, said The Fountain. Questions thatEric Captain tackles with a tenderness and a lucidity that is touching. Perhaps we could discuss the morality of questionable Love is dead, but what does it matter since it is perfectly this comedy joyful caricature of our society.

BREAK FOR ALL is a comedy is refreshing and full of charm, with an original script and texts sharp “

Beyond the background, it is also in its formal aspects that BREAK FOR ALL is a film successful. First of all, in his dialogues, particularly neat and precise, and the voluntary choice to give the protagonist a language rich and chastised. This characteristic confers immediate credibility and empathy to Mathias, who is not without a heart that could be expected. Away from cynicism, on the contrary, he is a nice man, both lunar in its way of living and down-to-earth, even pragmatic, in his way of thinking – because he theorizes endlessly relationships, no doubt to protect themselves.

Moreover, what also makes delectable exchanges between the protagonists, it is the humor, which is omnipresent. Perhaps this is related to the participation of the humorist Camille Chamoux , who plays a small role but that was very involved in his writing. Anyway, the tone of the film is quite joyous and the most fun is without a doubt various situations and varied in which Mathias and his partner junior were called to intervene with their “targets.”

About Elisa Ruschke, it bursts literally the screen. Thanks to his interpretation which seems to be as spontaneous as mastered, it adds a great dynamism to BREAK FOR ALL. It must be said that the character of Juliet is particularly interesting in its evolution, in the insurance that it acquires as to the sides of Mathias and that translates physically (look, makeup,..). At the start, overwhelmed by her emotions, she reminds us of Anaïs Demoustier in a little shy girl but full of good will. And then at the end, it is Catherine Zeta-Jones that it transforms under the traits of a badass business woman, but just as charming. At a time when the directors often focus on the next “bankable ” of the main actresses to boost the entries, Eric Captain took the risk of betting on a perfect unknown (this is the first role ofElisa Ruschke at the cinema) but it seems that he was well inspired…

Stephanie Ayache

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