There was enough to be surprised at the announcement of this sequel : the return of the surfer winner, ascendant snowboarder was just as unimaginable as incongruous. He was a true phenomenon in the course of recess (and not that ?!), the cult movie BRICE DE NICE seems to be now gone out of fashion. Uneven but original, this broad sketch of approximately 1 hour 30 minutes had been completely around the concept. And it was thought especially his interpreter, Jean Dujardin for other flight film from the period of The Artist. It then becomes difficult to think a single second that the greatest breaker of all time and would be back in the dark rooms. However, BRICE 3 (Because the 2 he broke, and thus does not exist !) offers, finally, this character is silly, but funny, a real great adventure : the nice is thousands of miles away from his hometown in order to save his best friend Marius, played by Clovis Cornillac… The opportunity for our lord as a teenager, to find, for example, a certain Igor of Hossegor (Bruno Salomone).

By not waiting for anything in particular, you will end up surprised by the effort to give a result appropriate to an old film of 12 years. Because in BRICE 3, they are given no limits : it goes very far in the joke, it is beautiful no matter what, but it is this that gives a tone distinct and ” con “completely delusional in this film that you will even be able to find better than the original. Too many details escape us sometimes while the situations morons and offset happen to us get some laughter well pronounced. The humour is generally well-barré syndrome, which is at the limit of the cartoon or sometimes stupid and nasty… but everything is fully covered. There is the journey and the colors, the smile and the sunshine, snow, and large inches, of the manga and Kass Vs. Kass, valves, and a generic end-full of jokes.

”There is the journey and the colors, the smile and the sunshine, snow, and large inches, of the manga and Kass Vs. Kass”

We note, moreover, very quickly that the actors had a lot of fun to find their characters. We would see almost the same a therapy for Jean Dujardin , who has repeatedly claimed to have been lost in recent years. So, if we can put his brain on hold as Brice knows so well, it could be that we take the game and it comes out of the cinema with a huge banana on the face. Because it must be borne in mind that BRICE 3 has no big claims, just be a big joke. Even the moral of the film ends up being “broken” by the character, as if to say that he should just take the film as it is, without worrying about any message or a particular purpose behind it.

In spite of everything, the concept does not change, although it is dusted off and brought into a universe more fun and exotic. Since there are more surprise on their own with the first album, there are a lot of references and a few glimmers of warmed up. The last part of the film eventually tired of it, no doubt because of the too-full-of megalomania (you see the Brice and yellow everywhere !) and sequences less effective that break the rhythm at the beginning.

Again, we can only observe that the concept has its limits. Still turning around the same elements and the same characters, it was finally other choice than to provide a false pretense of novelty. In this, it is then necessary to understand what BRICE 3 as a movie reunion, with this great feeling of again after so many years a good old friend who has remained (too ?) the same.

Anyway, this movie where the letting go has to be total, well-being. It may be difficult to do better than the 4 million entries in the first pane, it could be that this BRICE 3 fun and sunny manages to find its audience. Some will not understand it, but others are likely to once again be carried away by the wave : the nostalgic, the curious, or the young who do not yet know Brice will certainly be a lot of heart to give the taste of the day the phenomenon (“I’ve casséééé” in the school yard or in a smoke break)… With this, one thing is for sure : we haven’t finished laughing yellow !

Yohann Sed

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