BROOKLYN has been featured at Sundance 2015 in the category First. Directed by irishman John Crowley, which we have seen recently the Closed Circuit , it provides to the irish actress Saoirse Ronan, seen in The Grand Budapest Hotel, the very beautiful romantic part of the immigrant irish Eilis Lacey , who comes to settle and look for work in America, on the advice of an irish priest(fabulous Jim Broadbent). Many films have dealt with the subject in the early 30’s, As It was a time in America, but BROOKLYN is entering a period a little less known, the immigration of the 50’s, just a little before the closure of the immigration service, Ellis Island, New York. BROOKLYN follows the course ofEilis, his doubts, his sadness of leaving his mother and sister, but also its integration efforts as a sales clerk in a department store, his encounters with young women who share his pension, his willingness to do studies, to take in hand their future.

His heart will swing between two loves – his nice guy Italian Tony, played by american actor Emory Cohen, that there was a cross in The Gambler, – and Jim , a boy of good family in ireland (Domhnall Gleeson preview in It was time)… and will have to choose between two countries : a community of static, and religious, of which she already knows all of the codes, and another life, more adventurous, exotic and surprising, within a other community of Brooklyn, the Italian.

“A romantic drama, whose heroine chooses with courage and ambition his destiny in the America of the 50s.”

The film, as the screenwriter novelist Nick Hornby adapted the novel by Colm Toibin, deals with a lot of modesty and delicacy, of exile and of the evil of the country, breaking with its origins, to the quest of identity, the ambition that one takes to find his place in life, not the one that the family or the conventions we shall grant, but the one that we chose. There are a lot of emotions and tears in this movie, for a little that it was gender-sensitive and romantic with lofty dreams of all the possible of America brought by these europeans, who most often were disappointed, and were familiar with another form of misery.




Original title : Brooklyn

Achievement : John Crowley

Screenplay : Nick Hornby, based on the novel by Colm Toibin

Principal actors : Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson, Emory Cohen, Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters

Country of origin : United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada

Released : march 9, 2016

Duration : 1h45 min

Distributor : 20th Century Fox France

Synopsis: Eilis Lacey decides to leave Ireland and emigrate in the 50’s in America, land of promise. She fits in this new country, falls in love… but the past and his native land, recalled to her, and she must return to Ireland. It will be faced with the choice between the two countries.


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