Carole Matthew informs, alerts, warns his relentless hierarchy on suffering at work of the employees of the company that employs him as the doctor of the work. Taking his mission too much to heart, getting involved too personally, it will lose the foot, little by little. What drives each human being is the meaning given to his work, and Carole gets. There is the true subject of the film (adapted from the novel “ The faces crushed ” by Marin Ledun): the burn-out of the occupational physician. CAROLE MATTHEW does not spare us nothing in terms of violence and aggression against others and against oneself.

As we stated Isabelle Adjani in presenting us with the film, it was to be expected with CAROLE MATTHEW, to pass through a difficult time. And, in fact, see such situations of suffering at work complained of, but does not require any changes, this is hopeless… there is unfortunately also the scene of Louis-Julien Petit , who we embarrassed, because sometimes quite nebula. Despite the empathy proven to the doctor, we got a bit lost in the meandering hallucinations of Carole and metaphors portrayed in on-screen, struggling each to translate what may be going on in a mind weakened.

“Carole Matthew, or the Don Quixote of modern times.”

Louis-Julien Petit, who denounced already the working conditions in Discount, shows very well here, the pressure to achieve performance targets set by the management. The dehumanization in the reports to the customer and the hierarchy is becoming more unbearable for a certain generation of employees. The observation of the director in the face of these optimization requirements, however, remains very black, and provides very little hope since even the social dialogue, through the trade union (Lyes Salem) and the director of human resources (Corinne Masiero), there is no other choice than to comply with the financial requirements at the expense of the well-being of employees.

This is not the first movie that deals with death and suicide at work ; we remember especially early In the morning of Jean-Marc MoutoutCAROLE MATTHEW has the merit of putting issues on the good distance to keep to not be overwhelmed by the problems of others when exercising this profession is listening. The responsibility that it is authorized to carry, the limits that arise, and the courage that one has to face the issues.


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