Clown is a film directed by Jon Watts, of which we had not misapprehended its simple but very Spielberg-ian Cop Car.

His new feature-length film tells the story of a father of a family which will gradually transform into a demon, after you have donned a clown costume.

Here is the trailer :


The anguish of the clown is not new, all the more present in the collective imagination since a certain John Wayne Gacy Jr., or even Stephen King and his “It“.

CLOWN capitalizes fully on it and appears initially as an innocuous parody of the genre, incorporating its codes and putting them in derision. The presence of Peter Stormare and his mythical game free wheel strengthens us in the idea of a film without consequences, with gore, clichés, and of the second degree. Yet, there comes a point, or the smile begins to forsake our faces. A point or humor is seen contrasted by the unease, the image of this ridiculous attempt of suicide of the protagonist still half-demon half-human, resulting not prevent the death of a kid. The child becomes from there a victim in the same way as any other character, which implies his death chart if necessary. Jon Watts even adds to this surprising change of direction of the anxiety to be safe, putting them effectively in the scene of a massacre, playful, at the heart of a games room – a location iconic of childhood.

CLOWN appears at the end as a horror film, pure juice with the barbaque well visceral and some until the end-ism ahead of our expectations… Even if this daring, disturbing eventually dissipate into a disappointing conclusion by its predictability.







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