Gérontophilie (name, female) [from the Greek genom, which means “old man” and philie, which means ” love “] : paraphilia (disorder of sexual behavior in which an individual is sexually attracted to partners is very aged. Obviously, the latest film from Bruce LaBruce (NO SKIN OFF MY ASS, HUSTLER WHITE), deals with a type of relationship that one would tend to qualify as impossible and unthinkable, but which is very badly perceived in our society where we are too often equates beauty with youth. More accessible, more mainstream and more open than their previous works, GERONTOPHILIA is undoubtedly the best film of Bruce LaBruce. Explanations.

Lake, 18 years old, a boy, rather ordinary, lives with a neurotic mother and goes out with a girl of his age a little eccentric. After you have saved a man from drowning, he discovered a penchant increasingly hard for the old gents ! Hired in a nursing home for the summer, the Lake falls under the spell of Mr. Peabody, a seductive patient 82-year-old. Then begins a fascinating story of friendship and love, with death the only limit.

Taboo subject, subject case-mouth, the film is too ambitious, the reasons that could push Bruce LaBruce to abandon are many and varied. But as with his previous films, the filmmaker and canadian photographer has wanted to make a romantic movie. Yes, yes, his previous movies are also romantic movies – in their own way. But regardless, the real challenge of GERONTOPHILIA is to show the love that can exist between two people, without this being explicitly shown on the screen. Successful bet, since with a narration in the form of a romantic comedy, the film brings a new vision of the gérontophilie. And this, without never falling into the simple fascination, the fetishism, or sexual attraction ladle. The strength of GERONTOPHILIA lies for many in his lack of moral. The film is certainly committed, but does not allow any time to indicate a line of conduct to follow. And this is what it turns out to be very open : even without be concerned (how many of us have had even the desire to kiss a person ?), the viewer ends up taking affection for the main characters. The first has to manage its gérontophilie and his possible homosexuality when the second takes a taste for life, feeling again desired. Their love is a free gesture that comes directly oppose a certain cult of beauty and youth. Far from the stereotypes, but aware of the stereotypes that exist, GERONTOPHILIA is full of ambition and tells perfectly the fugue of an unusual couple.

“Free, irreverent, and relevant, GERONTOPHILIA is a film that is tender and sensitive.”

The film also tends to showcase the admiration and immense respect as a film-maker for a type of people. And to allow a wider audience to appreciate his work, Bruce LaBruce does not go hand dead on the irony, the parody and criticism. Work sincere, GERONTOPHILIA commented wryly on the fact that a boy is beautiful and desirable, as the Lake finds his happiness with someone very different. The director parodies the codes of the romantic comedy without ever altering them or denigrate them. As at this stage or Leake, and Mr. Peabody walk in the park with music by Chilly Gonzalez. The romantic do you want, here it is ! Finally, the film gives you a brief critique of our society in which prejudices are going well.

Said film mainstream also says lack of sexually explicit content. Well that Bruce LaBruce has a penchant for the pornographic cinema, his GERONTOPHILIA is a work that is fresh and in no way shocking. The first film he turns in Canada since 1994, the director is not evil-inspired SONATINE by Micheline Lanctôt for a teenager and GOOD storage room of Francis Mankiewicz for the report adolescent parents. Helped by a relatively comfortable budget, Bruce LaBruce has been able to make a very aesthetic to its staging. Sometimes maybe a little too true, the film is nonetheless very beautiful. And this, thanks to the excellent work of Nicolas Canniccioni, chief operator at the talent some.

First in the filmography of the director, the main roles have been assigned through an agency. The casting is so for the first time entirely composed of professional actors and this is reflected in the dialogues and the performances that make it less archaic and a lot more thoughtful. To camp the young Lake, it was Pier-Gabriel Lajoie has been chosen. Only known for his role in the soap opera canadian 30 VIES, the actor of 19 years, brings freshness and innocence to the character of the Lake. In front of him, the theatre actor Walter Borden, already noticed in the series the EVENT, portrays a Mr. Peabody’s funny and charismatic at will. Together, they form a duo atypical, original and incredibly touching. Accompanied by a montage intelligent, their chemistry is sublime. The association of the two men works well, and eclipse, of course, all the other roles of the film.

Free, irreverent, and relevant, GERONTOPHILIA is a film that is tender and sensitive, and that has been able to adopt the style and tone of a perfect romantic comedy. Well-written and well-interpreted, the new film by Bruce LaBruce resonates just. Funny and sharp, GERONTOPHILIA is a great gay movie that caters to all. In short, a very beautiful lesson of love and tolerance.

Original title : Gerontophilia

Realization : Bruce LaBruce

Screenplay : Bruce LaBruce

Main actors : Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, Walter Borden, Marie-Hélène Thibault

Country of origin : Canada

Released : March 26, 2014

Duration : 1h22mn

Distributor : MK2

Synopsis : Lake, 18 years old, a boy, rather ordinary, lives with a neurotic mother and goes out with a girl of his age, a little eccentric. But he discovered a penchant increasingly hard to… the old gentlemen. Hired in a nursing home for the summer, he falls under the charm of Mr. Peabody, a seductive patient 82-year-old.

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