[critical] Darling

Darling is a woman of today, started in the mill of life, and that gives the impression of always choosing the wrong direction. She suffers, because life is not the saving never really. But she does not see himself as a victim. It does apitoie not on his fate. On the contrary, its course, its history, evidenced by a rage to live and against all odds. She is fighting to exist. If she falls, she gets up. His dreams face the reality, but it moves forward, again and again. Close to the break-up, she gets to the bottom of it even a energy to continue.

His word reveals it as a woman who wants to keep his dignity and to seduce in spite of everything.

Darling is naïve and cheeky, instinctive and courageous. She possesses the vital force of a heroine of tragedy.

Author’s Note


Release Date : November 07, 2007

Directed by Christine Carrière

Film French

With Marina Foïs, Guillaume Canet, Océane Decaudain

Duration : 1h33min

Trailer :

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Darling is part of what kind of movie you watch because you know that you will love. A 2-minute trailer, we already have this little ball in the middle of the throat, a ball that is kept throughout the whole movie.

The character of Marina Foïs is quite unsettling, difficult to identify for my part. It is moving and funny, a naiveté to the extreme. She looks to be in his own world, totally disconnected from our reality, a world that is all pink, without any real danger (which, here, will ascend in the truck with a perfect stranger, drunk, to go nowhere ?).

She takes us into her life, filled with obstacles, the past interplays with great fluidity. She takes a full mouth, stands up, does not complain and continues to hope for a better life.

It is shared, what about it ? A child-woman so naive and silly ? Or a woman full of hope, has a purpose : to realize his dreams and who shows a great courage to stand up after each shot. I admit that sometimes, we want to scream, that she reacts, she sees the shit in which it lies, this crap jumps out to us from the beginning.

Also note the superb play of the two main actors, Guillaume Canet, more than credible a ” big bastard “, limit it fits him well… But it is mainly taped by Marina Foïs, by far, the comedy in which it is usual to see it (although it keeps this naïve side). We love it in this kind of role, one thing to say, that it continues in this way.

To summarize, Darling is a film to watch with jogging, pint of ice cream and packets of tissues.

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