It must be said, expected, warmly this DEADPOOL. While the super-hero of the moment will show all the more boring and predictable than others (see our ras-le-bol Marvel), opting for the mass destruction and the headache in perspective (see our discussion around Batman vs Superman), that’s a pleasure in breaking literally codes. Already in his character : vulgar, violent, crazy, crazy, unpredictable, arrogant… adjectives rarely used to describe the Iron Man, Captain America, et al – possible exception for arrogance. An anti-hero, so, the black humour, and endowed with super powers (regeneration and strength superhuman).

It was also a feature very particular and essential : the breaking of the 4th wall. If the film and the series have already used this process to address a character directly to the camera (and thus the spectator), the principle of Deadpool goes even further. Like in the comics where he is from, he is aware of what it is (a fictional character), the medium in which it evolves (here cinema) and therefore of reality, and plays constantly with it, even in front of the other protagonists. Something to give a little bit of spice to the film and offer him more opportunities. In particular, to tell us about the origins of the character, through back-and-forth between the present and the past, giving rhythm and originality in a passage, seen and reviewed.

The story is that of Wade Wilson, a former mercenary, learns to be diagnosed with cancer. Refusing to involve Vanessa (Morena Baccarin, always very comfortable), his fiancée just as crazy as him, he agrees to undergo a strange experience supposed to wake her mutant gene – Deadpool evolving within the universe of the X-Men – powers and thus the cure of her disease. In the end, a trap which will be to long moments of torture that mark the body and the face of Wilson. Like now cancer-lant, Wilson puts on a costume and goes in search of Francis, in charge of its state.

By its character, DEADPOOL already has a potential comic infinite. That can make a mockery of the protagonists around, but especially in ironisant on elements that speak directly to the viewer (through its general cultural knowledge, as specialized). From the generic the this is mocking of the production that surrounds the film. Will winks at his lead actor (a very good Ryan Reynolds), as well as gags, recurring around Wolverine himself. Not to mention a lot of name calling and vulgarity rather orgasmic. But where DEADPOOL uses the better his character is that he appropriates it to make a mockery of the genres of the cinema – without becoming a parody. Also the kind of super-hero romance.

This is a bit of a paradox that one feels in front of the film and its storyline light. While some may cringe at the vision of a Deadpool (in part) motivated by love, it is with this element that the film plays best. He plays with it so much in situations that in the staging that comes with it. The risk would then fall in the facility. On the contrary, the film reflects the great anything he proposes, through a mastery of dialogue and some visual gags.

“Fun, hilarious and perfectly paced, DEADPOOL) brings together all the necessary ingredients to be a very good entertainment.”

Beyond the humor, which clearly carries the film, as we announced, DEADPOOL has the merit of providing a breath of fresh air in the world of super-heroes. Lately, only The Guardians of the Galaxy had been able to satisfy us by showing a funny, entertaining, and rather ” simple “. What happiness is here not to assist in combat dantesque in the middle of a movie that could last 3 hours ! Remaining rather focused and modest (in terms of places and events, only two action sequences are notable), and limited to fighting on a human scale, the film avoids at least the saturation. But still not revolutionary in its execution, the director, Tim Miller leaves us with a strange taste. As before, a little too simplistic, spin-off X-Men that would seek to avoid taking on too much risk. The reason is probably to take the side of the budget allocated to the film, advertised as “modest”, which may not offer the casting that the two X-Men (including Deadpool has fun by the way). DEADPOOL , nonetheless, remains visually pleasing and effective – in the image of its first sequence. Fun, hilarious and perfectly paced, it brings in the end all the ingredients necessary for a very good entertainment.

Stone Siclier



Original title : Deadpool

Achievement : Tim Miller

Screenplay : Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick

Main actors : Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein

Country of origin : Canada, U. S. A.

Released : February 10, 2016

Duration : 1h46min

Distributor : Twentieth Century Fox France

Synopsis : Deadpool is the anti-hero the most unusual of the Marvel universe. Originally, it is called Wade Wilson : a former military Special Forces to become a mercenary. After having been subjected to an experiment outside the norm that will speed up his healing powers, he will become Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and sense of humor black hot, Deadpool is going to track down the man that nearly destroy his life.

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