Tomorrow and every other day,the new film by Noémie Lvovsky after Camille Redouble is in competition at the Festival Francophone d’angoulême.

Matilda (Luce Rodriguez, a true revelation of the film) is a little girl mischievous and intelligent. The problem, it’s his mother’s fragile, performed by Noémie Lvovsky. His brain does not work properly to be a mother in the literal sense. She often puts her daughter in embarrassment, has kept its soul of a child and doesn’t always have the codes to behave as an adult. There are days with and days without. It is suspected, moreover, the director, also writer with Florence Seyros, to be a lot of fun to concoct a character as rich and complex.

The roles of normal life are therefore reversed, as Matilda takes care of her, like a mother. She watches as the milk on the fire to be concerned when they are absent for too long, the calm in him inventing stories. That’s a lot of responsibilities for such a small girl. The mother has no first name as the father, since the film takes place from the point of view of the little Mathilde. There was a father (Mathieu Amalric), who has left the home, but remains in the vicinity. Yet, even if we have the mind open enough to gain access to the universe allegorical of the director, it remains no less that the base of the film is fairly believable. Noémie Lvovsky is without doubt a part of the postulate that the mutual love of mother and daughter, stronger than all, is essential to the maintenance of the psychological balance of the mother. But how can she ask the viewer to empathize with Mathilde to believe that a father can leave to live her daughter with a woman that is potentially dangerous ?As Claude Barras in My Life of Zucchini, the director finally lands the fundamental question of the failure of the parents, sometimes linked to mental health. It raises questions as to the way in which the children live and suffer with. Mathilde, aware of the torment of his mother and his inability to help, retreats little by little into an imaginary world. His mother offered him a small owl, of which we will say just that she will be his little Jiminy Cricket. But most of the health problems of her mother worsen, the more she loses the head and its bearings, the more Matilda dark in the ideas of the black and angry, with a dangerous allure to the death. TOMORROW AND EVERY OTHER DAY leads to often the viewer on the wrong tracks and increases his fear of seeing Mathilde in an inextricable situation. In this, the film manages to maintain a suspenseful psychological interesting until the end.

TOMORROW AND EVERY OTHER DAY is proving to be a film-tender and moving, which establishes a connection to the quasi-animal and earth between a mother and her daughter, is strong enough to keep it away from a time of madness.


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Original title : Tomorrow and every other day

Achievement : Noémie Lvovsky

Screenplay : Noémie Lvovsky, Florence Seyros

Main actors : Noémie Lvovsky, Luce Rodriguez, Mathieu Amalric

Release Date : September 27, 2017

Duration : 1h31min
3.0final Note
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