Esther is one of those movies that irritate the highest point. Not that it is totally bad, despite a few faults which will leak some but it is just miserably sold. Let me explain : Esther is sold as a horror movie-horror. Nothing that this aspect should attract viewers wanting to see blood, guts, and feel up their adrenaline meter before the end of the year. Only here, Esther has nothing of a horror film-horror ! This is more of a thriller, a family that is not without reminding us of The Intruder with John Travolta or The stepfather with Dylan Walsh of Nip/Tuck.

Suddenly, the spectators that came to see a horror film will necessarily be disappointed. Ca’t this remind you of something by any chance ? To me it reminds me of the rant of Viggo Mortensen, be outraged that we’ve been able to sell The Road as an action film, whereas it is nothing. Process heartbreaking because all it does is stir up the excitement of the spectators feeling a strange feeling of being trapped.

To return to Esther (since it is the criticism of the film, so to speak !), the film is not bad but in no way resembles a movie in my eyes. During the screening, I had continuously the impression of being in front of a television movie that M6 broadcast during a Halloween night or new Year’s Day.

The fault in that ? The fault of what ? Simply a stage far too conventional and static to we embark on, actually in this story yet worked. The director wanted to make us a patchwork quilt of everything that we have already been seeing these past few years and compile the result with a flavour, a soul, hardly noticeable.

As a result the interest ofEsther decreases over minutes and stands in stark contrast with the ambition of the team of the film. Because it is necessary to render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, they worked ! The film lasts for two hours (very rare for this kind of film that does not generally lasts only one hour and thirty minutes to break everything), and shows willingness on their part to establish a mood, to submit to a crescendo that could have been very enjoyable but that is not necessarily the end.

Fortunately, Esther has some advantages, not the least start by Isabelle Fuhrman aka Esther in person. The young actress of 12 years of which this is the first role on screen is explosive. His performance remains the main charm of the film and when it gets to the last half-hour, the young actress explodes and reveals a talent unwavering. We are captivated, fascinated, intoxicated by the head slap that will stop at nothing to achieve goals far from being a catholic.

The final ofEsther is also worth a visit somewhat. Not that it is revolutionary (far from it) but it may not (I give my hand to cut) to be sensed at any time. This comes from the fact that it is totally zany and pulled by the hair and this will have two consequences for the spectator : this end will be orgasmic for some, and, a contrario, totally pathetic and ridiculous for the other. Still, the intended creative is beautiful and well presented.

So in the end, Esther is to take it as it comes, that is to say, a-series, B honourable for that one does not expect miracles and to a horror film like the advertising we let him pretend.

From there, the film from Jaume Collet-Serra, this is the third film after House Of Wax and Goal 2, can please anyone being in the mood to let yourself get carried away in a story, certainly full of faults, but possessing a certain charm, he will believe it clear from the beginning, but the surprise at the end.


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