[critical] fear AND TREMBLING

Fear and Trembling, it is Sylvie Testud.

West mainly by its physical (redhead with blue eyes), and then, by his reflexes social. Simple: each of its actions is in contradiction with the japanese code, leading to massive impacts, watermark, paint a portrait of japanese society, places the man and woman in this world governed by codes of honour and success really very special.

Personality cold and cleared the actress is and body with this anthropological vision of Japan, immersing themselves through humiliation and submission, but unable to change his environment.

This notion of immersion is also at the heart of the mise-en-scene, which will not allow any other view of japan, as this open space inhabited by tensions and frustrations. And even if an aspect of “film studio” feel, this makes body with the idea of containment extreme inherent to the conventions of the japanese.

Also noteworthy is the music, harpsichord, orchestrated by Valérie Lindon as odd that Sylvie Testud.

The whole is completed by a cynicism hardcore issued by an Amélie-narrator-Nothomb, judging primarily, the naivety, and the pride of his own youth.

This movie has been viewed in the context of a column about Tokyo Fiancée (4 march 2015), the latest adaptation film of a book ofAmélie Nothomb.


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