[CRITICAL] St Vincent by Theodore Melfi

Grande first the film St Vincent, in which Bill Murray was awarded a nomination for the Golden Globes this year was released exclusively on VOD in France. A story of friendship between a little boy, puny and a old man grumpy. With more than 40 Million dollars on the US soil we might expect a wide combination for our country. In any case, it is a nice exclusivity on the part of the american giant.

This is not the first time that Hollywood is interested in this exchange between two generations. We can quote The Man without a face Mel Gibson, where the young Chuck, who wish to integrate the military academy to follow in the footsteps of his missing father, meeting Justin McLeod, a former teacher in the face horribly disfigured, who lives in seclusion, rejected by the society.

In St Vincent following the recent divorce of his parents, Oliver finds himself living now with his mother next to a neighbor’s particularly grumpy and politically incorrect. Maggie working at the hospital in the city with late hours, offered to the man to keep his child monnayant its support. A babysitteur can be conventional of course but that will make discover the small design curious about the world and its way of life is pretty trash.

We must not kid ourselves it is a film Oscar unfortunately for Bill this year the selection has decided otherwise (And also the performance of actors incredible, including the return of Michael Keaton for example) . Nothing is skimped dramatic side with a great deal of tear; in particular, at the end of the film for the award to the school on a statement.

St Vincent is a film that is academic and this is its main fault.”

Side achievement it is clean and very academic. The emotions go by the talent of his cast, with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy in mind. Even if it is relayed here in the second plan. It is well indented, almost wiped out thanks to the good performance of the young’jaeden Lieberher; it was the first appearance on screen, Playing It Cool , shot the same year. The disappointment is focused on the character of Daka, a prostitute performed by Naomi Watts. The stereotype of the immigrant who carries the child of our anti-hero Vincent.

Finally, St. Vincent is a film that is academic and this is its main defect. If one makes the impasse on this aspect we spend a great time.


Original title : St. Vincent

Achievement : Theodore Melfi

Screenplay : Theodore Melfi

Main actors : Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : October 24, 2014 on Netflix – not a date movie

Duration : 1h42min

Distributor : The Weinstein Company(USA)

Synopsis : A 12-year old boy whose parents have just divorced, stay alone all day. It then binds friendship with his neighbor, a retiree, decadent, hedonist and misanthrope whose life revolved around alcohol, gambling and prostitutes.


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