[critical] Sucker Punch

Close your eyes. Free you mind. Nothing prepares you for what is to follow. Welcome to the overflowing imagination of a young girl whose dreams are the only escape from his nightmarish life… breaking away from the constraints of time and space, she is free to go where the leads to his imagination, up to blur the border between reality and fantasy… held against her will, Babydoll always want to fight to regain his freedom. Combative, it grows four other girls – the timid Sweet Pea, Rocket’s big mouth, Blondie’s smart, and loyal Amber – to unite to escape their fearsome captors, Blue and Madam Gorski – before the mysterious High Roller does not come take Babydoll. With Babydoll at their head, the girls go to war against fantastic creatures, samurai and snakes, with an arsenal virtual and with the help of a Sage. But this is only at this price that they may – may-be – to recover the freedom…

Author’s Note


Release Date : march 30, 2011

Directed by Zack Snyder

Film american

With Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Gugino, Oscar Isaac

Duration : 1h50min

Trailer :

Zack Snyder doesn’t like the back of the spoon. He lives in a time of chienlit visual, why not take advantage ? Of louchées special effects people fill every intent of each passage of each plan of every second of his work. The ambition ? On-esthétiser the image. The smaller lighter is lit, every door that we close, the more little tear paid, the more small nail corroded, everything at this filmmaker is monstrously visual, doped to the cortisone of the computer. The great Jean-Claude Carrière speaks about a time to the technological means unprecedented, where the difficulty of making a memorable image is more acute than ever. In drawing its own images in the Lord of The Rings, Avatar, Kill Bill and the Matrix, Zack Snyder does not print Sucker Punch on our retina. It does not build the memorable, he credits the already-seen. The inventiveness does not choke, it is true. Only, the question is not about the talent of the adapter 300 to make a sophisticated image, the question is about his ability to write. A film first being the domain of a writer, in a paper before be a amount technique, Zack Snyder is a good writer ?

New kind of Cinderella, the young Babydoll loses her mother and lack of kill his father-in-law with a bullet in the head. Locked up in the asylum of the women, it increases the number of guinea pigs for the lobotomy. As long as the health of his spirit does not default, Babydoll uses the transcendent power of his imagination to escape the misery of his situation. She leads her comrades of fortune and casts well and an escape that has nothing to smoky. The soldier interned in a war, both figurative and realistic with the staff of the hospital. Slavery is the choice of the slave. The mutiny is the choice of the free man. In this case of the free woman. The philosophy of commitment existentialist is the lucky charm of the american cinema to the big show entirely dedicated to the action emancipating. Babydoll juxtaposes his fantasies of battle and bravery at its daily interned until their realization. It is a dream samurai, goddess of vengeance, irrepressible amazon and convinces his peers to dream about it as much. Their freedom has claimed the gesture : the dream volunteer.

Falsely accused of insanity, drawn to the baseness of the woman-object, subjected to the cowardice of sexual of the male staff of the hospital, Babydoll and his commando of Valkyries independent invert the course of history by leaving feathers. The message is clear. A human mind unleashed can but the price of this outburst will be heavy. Happy ending mixed. Zack Snyder claims to write on the great theme of freedom, and is able to communicate a thought contagious, positive, helpful. The simplicity of his remarks to the writer could die in a orgy audiovisual, she is good, she defends herself as Emily Browning, doll, beauty, slave, group leader of the insurgent. The figure of the heroine martial evolving in a hostile world that is not dated has of what to seduce by its nature transgressive. The problem lies in the hurly-burly of references to other films, one would like to see new mythologies. Dragons, Zombies, G. I, it is done. Why do it again ? Purged of its foil, Sucker Punch is a pretty manifest to the glory of the spirit of initiative. One can’t help but think of Roman Polanski and his undeniable force of creation. Outcast as he is, he always made up. His God of carnage will come out soon. The spirit is great.

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