[CRITICAL] I AM TO YOU right away

I AM AT YOU right away is the first feature-length film as a director of Baya Kasmi. Writer of the Name of the people, she delivered a very personal film to the point of giving his name to the heroine Baya Benmahmoud. The film had been rewarded at the Ceremony of the César awards 2011 in the categories Best original screenplay , Best French film of the year and Best actress/Best actor for Sara Forestier and Jacques Gamblin.

It is therefore with a realization based on the novel of The Against the life of Philip Roth , whose theme is similar. The filmmaker gives new life to its own history and reiterates his remarks through the prism of a family with mixed religious and cultural poses the question of the link and the fulfillment through a religiosity that it shows or that we deny.

In I AM TO YOU right away, it is questions of origins in the plural sense of the term. It addresses the family origin as well as the origin of the evils, choices, and struggles that the people are leading , all rooted in the sweet childhood.

Hanna Belkacem was born to a father of algerian who has fled his country of origin to melt in the French landscape, leaves to sell pork in a grocery store, and a French mother whose humanist beliefs and apolitical, she is a woman to the generosity contemplative. Hanna and her little brother liked Donadieu are educated in tolerance and openness ideological absolute, but one day an event silent and tragic undermines their balance. The complicity of childhood, then moves gradually into the misunderstanding of and contempt at the adult age, until the life of one of them is in danger.

While one might expect of the humour and lightness in view of the casting which is redolent of the comedy to success (to the poster : Agnès Jaoui, Ramzy, the singer Camélia Jordana, the humorist Claudia Tagbo and the appearance ofAnemone ), in reality it is a film far more subtle and deep plays. The main roles are very nicely interpreted by young actors, Vimala Pons, Medhi Djaadi and Laurent Capelluto which appease the film between drama, poetry and emotion. There’s a lot of emotion. It is almost impossible to keep their distance from this family chronicle, which imposed without noticing it a powerful identification. This is the story of the child that we were, sometimes rejected , sometimes humiliated and sometimes stronger. The film plays on the heartstrings without ever entering into sentimentality ,it is the aptness of the remark that succeeds ,many times, to move us.

We are basically in the questioning of what is rooting and resilience. His subject is not politics, but psychoanalysis, so strong and sometimes brutal.

“Nothing is more precious and fragile as the innocence of childhood and the injuries that there are suffered to remain indelible, deeply embedded in the flesh.”

I’M WITH YOU ALL the RESULT and its characters have a great writing that is rich with nuance, complexity and detail. Baya Kasmi alternates flash back, voice over and narrative to present to us distiller throughout the story the keys and the multiple ramifications of the plot. It is extremely well built. Among the many topics we encounter, of course, the childhood that marks and determines the rest of the life, the love, that of a mother, a sister, a man and God. We also speak of course of the muslim religion, its practice, the dream of a better life, and the acceptance of the other.

While it would have been very easy to fall into the traps of the scenario expected and character monochrome or caricatured, Baya Kasmi filmed of colors, of emotions, of light and of the darkness and surprises, as well, by the quality of his analysis. It is far from a structure that is “tuned” to fly. There are, of poetry, of longing in the tale. We sometimes think of the Fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain of Jean-Pierre Jeunet has through the aesthetic choice of colors and atmosphere worked great. A scene of love embrace immersed in the light of the sun is simply magnificent. There is no doubt that with his first film the director confirms his talent as a write and director.

I AM AT YOU right away is a very nice surprise and contains beautiful small beads. We will take out the handkerchiefs and smile. To look with the heart.

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