[critical] finding NEMO

In the tropical waters of the Great Barrier reef fish, a clown of the name of a Marine leads a peaceful existence with his one and only son, Nemo. Fearing the ocean and its unpredictable risks, he does his best to protect his son. As all the small fish of his age, the dream yet to explore the mysterious reef.

When Nemo disappears, a Sailor becomes in spite of himself the hero of a quest unique and thrilling. The poor dad does not know is that her offspring scales has been taken up in the aquarium of a dentist. Marine will not alone in the adventure : the pretty Dory, a fish-surgeon blue to the failing memory and the great heart, will prove a valuable aid. The two fish will face countless dangers, but the optimism of Dory will push Marine to overcome all her fears.

Author’s Note


Release Date : November 26, 2003

Directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich

Film american

With the voices of Albert Brooks / Franck Dubosc (VO/VF), Joe Ranft / David Ginola (VO/VF), Andrew Stanton / Samy Naceri (VO/VF), Geoffrey Rush / Guy Hatter (VO/VF)

Duration : 1h41min

Original title : Finding Nemo

Trailer :

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Ten years after its theatrical release, it is on the occasion of the re-release in 3D of finding NEMO that I had the opportunity to view the film that has earned Andrew Stanton 2004 the Oscar for best animated film and that was the first fall record of recipes from the LION KING. Despite this track record, we must admit that the scenario is pretty classic in the galaxy, and Disney-Pixar with a faux-narrative of journey of initiation. Nevertheless, its treatment, coupled with the father of Nemo on one side and the young fish of the other gives a rhythm a little different from what usually offers the studio.

An animated film to be effective in the pure tradition of Pixar, even if it does revolutionize not the kind.

Moreover, the film is visually splendid, and justify completely the use of images of synthesis. The underwater landscapes transport the viewer very easily and the graphics are both cute and exotic. The underwater fauna is also very well characterized and is, overall, endearing, especially young people fish full-life learning, but nevertheless full of life. It should be noted that the French dubbing involving Franck Dubosc, Samy Naceri and other David Ginola is good overall and yet I do appreciate in general not this audition individually.

The film also shows a certain originality in his introduction pretty hard for a film for children from the beginning of the film the death of the mother of Nemo. In addition to the environmental message evident both by the remarks on the marine pollution as on the treatment of animals in general, a large segment of the film deals with difference and the fear of the unknown between a father attached to the only loved one he has left (Nemo), and the physical difference which is a semi-disability for the young fish-clown. One could also see “the memory of a goldfish” Dorie, companion to Sailor the father of Nemo, as a kind of metaphor of Alzheimer’s disease.

Finding NEMO remains a film of animation in the pure tradition of Pixar and offers an aquatic adventure enjoyable even if obviously it is in no way revolutionary not the kind. A good time for small and large certainly.

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