[critical] Frontier(s)

A band of young people of the suburbs, which, while the extreme right is poised to come to power, took advantage of the disarray to commit a robbery. Pursued by police, they fled by car to reach the netherlands. As the night falls, they stop in a hotel a few kilometers from the border, without suspecting that it is run by a family of cannibals neo-nazis…

Author’s Note


Release Date : January 23, 2008

Directed by Xavier Gens

Film French

With Karina Testa, Samuel Le Bihan, Estelle Lefebure, Aurelian Wilk, Maud Forget

Duration : 1h48

Trailer :

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The debut feature of Xavier Gens has been able to know the honors of a theatrical release thanks to the commercial success of his second film Hitman.

Frontier(s) is a horror movie, very gore, the archetype of the film, which was difficult to be produced in France, the producers are being far too sensitive to the cold : between the prohibitions of a committee of classification more severe and operators and tv broadcasters preferring to play family card,the financial bonanza is actually far from assured.

Frontier(s) has been punished with a ban for under 16 years of age and the obligation to appear on the displays the following message : “This film builds up to scenes of butcher shops particularly realistic and challenging “, which was finally a good advertisement for the movie stirs the curiosity “unhealthy” for any fan of the genre – including mine…

Frontier(s) makes reference to many films of this genre, the most obvious of which is without a doubt the texas Chainsaw Massacre to Tobe Hooper it is a remake in disguise.

But Xavier Gens does not stop there and launched into a game with the viewer cinephile by nesting a couple of scenes from other feature films such as the pursuit in the ducts, recalling The Descent of Neil Marshall or a further motor-powered, the Duel of Steven Spielberg or assistance by a person of the enemy camp as in The hills have Eyes (the remake ofAlexandre Aja)

Frontier(s) has many flaws: a lot of inconsistencies in plot and a few drops of pace, an interpretation a little too ultimate of the young suburban and a little too much to be a caricature of the family of neo-nazis.

Frontier(s) will not date in the history of cinema, but it has the merit of being honest with the viewer : we were warned that this would be gore and it is. Xavier Gens doesn’t skimp on the gore effects and the viewer rejoices. The set is fun and opens great perspectives in film genre French.

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