[critical] Hellboy II : The Legions of Gold-Cursed

After an ancient truce made between humankind and the invisible realm of fantastical creatures have been broken, Hell on Earth is ready to emerge. A ruthless leader who reigns over the kingdom below, deny its origins and awakens an unprecedented threat : an army of creatures that no one can stop. Now, it is time for the super hero the most indestructible and the greater cornu of the planet to fight a dictator without pity, and his legions. He may be red he may be horned he may be misunderstood, but if you want the job to be well done, call Hellboy.

With its partners in the Office of Research and Defense of Paranormal activity (B. P. R. D.), his girlfriend pyrokinésique Liz, and aquatic empathy Abe Sapien, and the mystical protoplasmic Johann, the B. P. R. D will travel between our world and the one where flock creatures that cannot see the human, where the creatures of the fantasy world become real. Hellboy, a creature belonging to two worlds that are not accepted in neither, must choose between the life he knows and an uncertain destiny that awaits him.

Author’s Note


Release Date : October 29, 2008

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

Film american

With Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Luke Goss, Doug Jones

Duration : 1: 59

Original title : Hellboy II : The Golden Army

Trailer :

Difficult to give a result worthy of the name to Hellboy, because of the half-success of the first opus international box-office. In addition, Guillermo Del Toro wanted to make a sequel more couillue, full of noise and fury.

Successful gamble, the film is spectacular and the cap to the pole of large machines hollywood having cost more than double of its budget, thanks to the ingenuity of the director and the sacrifices he has had to do to make her baby.

He has done well because the action scenes of Hellboy II : The Legions of Gold-Cursed are stunning – both aesthetically and at the level of the impact on the viewer.

Guillermo Del Toro continues the universe and the imagination of Pan’s Labyrinth through this second installment. The first game offered us a unique creature that very lovecraftienne, the second plunges us into a universe inspired by mythology and fairy tales with many creatures, each more impressive than the others. In the first game, Rasputin and his minions, the nazis not inspired any empathy unlike Prince Nuada (a replica is almost perfect of Elric the necromancer, a character of heroic-fantasy) fighting to avoid extinction of his race and keep his place in the world. Although cruel, he inspires empathy in the viewer because it is resigned that he is fighting for his cause.

Hellboy II : The Legions of Gold-Cursed immerses us in a universe that is unique, spellbinding, and fascinating.

The film also deals with the evolution of the characters in the first episode on a humorous tone. We found Liz and Hellboy in a routine where everything is not always rosy. Their daily life is full of arguments by their lack of communication. John Myers has sold his place to Johann Krauss, a colourful character noted with the normality of Myers. Del Toro develops the PDRF and the character of Abe Sapien, most notably through his relationship with Princess Nuala (I still have in the head the song of Barry Manilow “Can’t Smile Without You” ! Two buddies, beer, and Barry Manilow: a new design of the evening among friends).

Hellboy II : The Legions of Gold-Cursed immerses us in a universe that is unique, spellbinding, and fascinating. Resolutely turned towards the heroic-fantasy, this installment provides us with a bestiary of fantastic cinema exceptional (the Angel of Death probably being the creature the more successful the film). The die-hard fan of the comic book from Mike Mignola does will surely not, but you may not have liked the first game, or that you have not seen it, go see Hellboy II, which is one of the best super hero films and that sweating of generosity ” deltoresque “.

Peter Jackson has entrusted the reins of The Hobbit to Guillermo Del Toro : Personally, in view of the capacity of the gentleman, I look forward to see what this will give…

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