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Hot Fuzz we described the journey of Nicholas Angel, a “superflic” of London, who, through his unorthodox methods, has been shadowed by his colleagues and his superiors, who, to get rid of, choose to mute in a small village in british can no longer be quiet. However, the arrival of Angel coincides with several fatal crashes, very strange and Nicholas is convinced that a conspiracy is at the base of these incidents.

Author’s Note


Release Date : July 18, 2007

Directed by Edgar Wright

Film English

With Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Timothy Dalton, Bill Nighy

Duration : 2h00mn

Trailer :

The latest film by Edgar Wright, written with his sidekick Simon Pegg after their masterstroke with the horror comedy Shaun Of The Dead, is a film rich blending several genres such as the thriller, the action film ” buddy movie “, comedy, horror, and even the spaghetti western. In addition, the film is not sparing in allusions to glimpses cinéphiliques with particular reference to Bad Boys 2 Michael Bay, Point Break Kathryn Bigelow and the Whole Race of John Woo. A pure fantasy geek in sum.

Hot Fuzz is a true breath of fresh air : the situations are in the least funny and the characters are earthy. Timothy Dalton is stunning in its performance : enigmatic desire, and completely inhabited by his character. Undeniably, one of his best roles to date.

The climax of the film, worthy of a spaghetti western with Sergio Leone, is also a burlesque show that enjoyable. The inhabitants of the peaceful village show the forces of order on the main square with a superb final in a miniature village.

Wright and Pegg are now references in the culture geek and the revival of british cinema that has beautiful days in front of him.

Although excellent, Hot Fuzz is not a masterpiece like Shaun Of The Dead. The film suffers from problems of pace, I would have liked the film to be in the image of the last 20 minutes. Hot Fuzz could have been less long, the investigation has stalled, and the scenario is a bit too convoluted compared to its dimension as a parody. However, this does nothing to discourage see Hot Fuzz because it is a pure concentrate of happiness to be consumed without moderation. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are now references in the culture geek and the revival of british cinema that has beautiful days in front of him (ended the era of romantic comedies with Hugh Grant).

As for me, I am already looking forward to see land on the screens for the next madness of the two holdouts.

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