Suivant the example of his father, in the hope to reconnect family ties for a long time stretched, Rusty Griswold made a surprise to his wife Debbie and their two sons, by offering them to come back to Walley World, known as “the amusement park favorite of american families”. But to get there, they will have to cross the whole country.

HURRAH for THE HOLIDAYS is part of the series of “National Lampoon’s: Vacation” created by John Hughes (Breakfast Club, Home Alone, Beethoven). This saga has four other movies, all with the american star Chevy Chase (Community).

Hello holiday (National Lampoon”s Vacation, 1983), Hello vacation 2 (National Lampoon”s European Vacation, 1985), The Fir has the balls (National Lampoon”s Christmas Vacation, 1989) and Vegas Vacation (Vegas Vacation, 1997). Suffice to say that the French distributors of the time were let loose to find us the ideal translation for the exit room.

National Lampoon” this statement stamped on the displays as we walked back to the magazine’s famous of the same name and proving to both the official nature of the project (There has been a lot of copy and in addition to the multiple constructions within the collective).

Yet here in this project in 2015, it has completely zapped that reference and so we mark a separation with the essence of the other films. It must be said that lately the “National Lampoon” was used as a pretext has outputs in the cascades in DTV ; the only recent notorious was National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (to us, the American Party – post series American Pie obliges of course) with Ryan Reynolds . So the name was a little messed up, an opportunity (missed) to restore the image…

The family Griswold is not his first tour of the master on the screens ; even if in France it is not also known as the USA. It must be said that the comedy US cased rarely in france, except in special cases, such as American Pie or even the Very Bad Trip.

HURRAH for THE HOLIDAYS is both a remake of the 1st film of the same name (the same trip to the amusement park) but also a reboot-sequel with the presence of the character of Rusty (Ed Helms, the interpretation of it here at the adult age).

What gives it its charm is that the movie never takes seriously. It has a tendency to do too much, but with ease and a willingness to take everything. We find the comedy of repetition with the trucker who harasses him every time the couple. It is both a cliché of this kind of comedy road-trip , but regardless, it makes us laugh and we ended up by accepting it. The heaviness of certain passage or dialogue can confuse more than one (especially for the uninitiated) but at the bottom it is this that gives off the charm and the freshness of the film.

”The movie is never taken seriously. This is what makes its charm”

It is interesting to see the film faces to its 4 movies, elders, evolution of the comedy and the morals of american society.

Add also a casting well-found. Ed Helms is doing quite well in the role of husband-father blundering but endearing (a role similar to that of Chevy Chase, even if he is his son in the chronology of the films – the latter makes an appearance) . He forms a nice duo with his wife, Debbie, Christina Applegate perfect in a role as close to’Anchorman. It should be noted the presence of guests of renown such as “THOR” Chris Hemsworth (a scene that is going to do about it and who is going to prosecute), Leslie Mann (the wife of Judd Apatow), always extra, even if his character of Audrey Griswold, the sister of Rusty, is not to be under-exploited, and Charlie Day (How to kill his boss) who plays Chad, a manager for the tour on the waters of the grand Canyon. Following a break-up with her fiance, and we book a memorable scene with a beautiful fall.

This summer excursion is perfect and will delight fans of the humor US. However, it is absolutely recommended that you do not bring children under the age of 8 years old in front of HURRAH for THE HOLIDAYS. The film contains scenes of non-adapted language (sometimes very raw) even if the film wants to be a family.




Original title : Vacation

Production : John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein

Screenplay : John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, based on characters created by John Hughes

Main actors : Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth, Leslie Mann, Chevy Chase

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : August 19, 2015

Duration : 1h39min

Distributor : Warner Bros. France

Synopsis : Rusty Griswold decides to take his family to the amusement park is a favorite of the Americans in the hope of mending ties with his family, but nothing will go as planned…


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