[critical] I Am Legend (1964 – vost)

A scientist is the only survivor of an epidemic that has transformed the rest of humanity into vampires.

Release Date : 1964 (January 1, 2012, dvd)

Directed by Sidney Salkcow, Ubaldo Ragona

Film american, Italian

With Vincent Price, Franca Bettoia, Emma Danieli

Duration : 1h 26min

Original title : The Last Man on Earth

Today, always in association with MrDomainePublic, the Blog Of The Film offers you to (re)discover the cult film of Salkcow and Ragona, I Am Legend.

And as always, here are a few little anecdotes around this legendary film :

* The first filmed version of the novel of Richard Matheson, I Am Legend has been in retrospect a lot compared to The Night Of the living Dead (1968) George A. Romero, in which he clearly laid the foundations of visual and thematic.

* Although adapted for the screen by the author of the novel, he declared himself unhappy with this co-production Italian-american, regretting in particular the choice of Vincent Price for the lead role.

* The film is also known under its american title The Last man on Earth, whose literal translation “The Last Man On Earth” was a French title alternative to the opportunity to some farms.

* Two other film adaptations will emerge later : The survivors (The Omega Man) Boris Sagal (1971) with Charlton Heston and I Am Legend (I am legend, 2007) by Francis Lawrence with Will Smith. Between these two titles have been long advertised of the many projects of remake dating back to the late 1980s, and which were attached to the film director James Cameron and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

* As a result of negligence regarding the renewal of copyrights, the film is prematurely fell into the public domain on the u.s. territory, where a profusion of editions in DVD under the labels of the most diverse, and the quality of transfer is often questionable.

Good and nice projection !

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