Petite bomb into the landscape of the cinema of terror in 2011, the first Insidious, made by this imp of James Wan (the first Saw of course, and there is little the terrifying Conjuring), had created a sensation, thanks to a solid story and a staging formidable efficiency, focusing on the effects the old to make the climb gradually fear such a sound dimension nicely worked as well as the power of suggestion we are showing the least possible of up a rollercoaster final. With unexpected success, a logical consequence, still run by the same guy, but a good notch below, because starting on a basis of plot dangling (the end of Insidious ‘s first name was anything but open), and especially one last part of flirting with the grotesque. While we wondered, certainly not as much, a chapter 3 arrives, this time by australian actor Leigh Whannell, saw in front of the camera in chapter 2 but also in films of the saga Saw. This is his first big movie lead, which was not of the disorient, so it was already familiar to the genre.

INSIDIOUS : CHAPTER 3 is presented to us as a prequel to the other two films, before the events that occurred in the family of Lambert. It is therefore natural to find the indestructible Lin Shaye in the skin of the medium kicking the ass of evil spirits, who opens his door to a young girl trying to get in contact with her mother who recently died. The small concern is that when one wishes to make a call to a death, all the others hear, of where the new boyfriend a little sticky that starts with the torment in spite of it. Without entering into the details of the story, it is necessary to know that the film follows the pattern of a narrative base ultra classic most of the other feature films of the haunted house, that is to say, the banality of the real world in facing the characters, and then how one or more things will annoy them, the refusal to accept the supernatural of the situation (adults ensure that there is no one), until the landing of the priest/medium/exorcist when everything became uncontrollable. Certainly not a fault as Conjuring by example, respected to the letter the plan while still we stick a very nice scared stiff, with his situations glaçantes, his infernal tempo and its staging millimétrée.

The trouble with this INSIDIOUS, is that nobody asked him, not necessarily to reinvent the genre, or be particularly original. It was, however, entitled to expect a good dose of thrills and chills, instead of swinging, after about an hour of projection, barely 4 poor jump-scares laborious. It can startle the first time or the second (often for other reasons than fear : the sleep that awaits us), but certainly not the other times, so predictable and above all served in situations already seen plenty elsewhere, and in much better (Poltergeist from Tobe Hooper or The exorcist by Friedkin, it’s starting to date, but it was better). This chapter 3 is sadly the most weak of the saga, with its scenario winded and rhythm uncertain. It fails also in the ridiculous towards the end, not helped by a room that explodes with laughter at a moment of dramatic tension is supposed to be crucial (the medium who kicks ass, literally).

“Ideas for staging interesting in the service of the chapter the more nervous of the saga, in terms of narration and effectiveness.”

However, if it would be necessary to mention one or two items to save yourself from this bad joke, this would be mainly on the side of the realization. In fact, Leigh Whannell particularly looks after its atmosphere while trying to make us a new proposal for the staging during some of the passages, arising primarily a camera movement quite clever. May be promising for the future, if the young director decides to tackle something new and more personal. For the time being, regarding the trilogy, it would be much more wise to stop here, even if Hollywood has already become accustomed to stir again and again the knife in the wound.



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