Therefore a very good idea, JACKY THE UNITED DAUGHTERS adapts the Cinderella story, adding to the theme carnival of the reversal of the roles of Men / Women. Or should I say Women / Men, because it is they who run the country, fight, decide… The red thread of the story is the dance held by the General (Anemone) for his daughter, the Colonel (Charlotte Gainsbourg) in order to find a husband among the many suitors who have come to cherish the Kingdom of Bouboune.

For the anecdote, Anemone said Riad Sattouf hate children, which makes it even more alive the contempt for her daughter.

The film was shot in Georgia, the scenery, the gallows, uniforms, and other symbols are ubiquitous in the Georgian landscape, as well as the local population has used the film as a medium of immersion, knowing that they are the symbol of many years of suffering and hatred.

So, we may think that georgians would be outraged to see all these elements in their story used and more diverted into a comedy. Only, none of this, according to the developer, the local population has been a great help and has supported the film during its shooting. It is therefore possible, for this people martyr, to laugh of this dark period to enable the work to be done in the best conditions.

It is enough to make you an idea of the environment : a dictatorship controlled by women, in the airs of North Korea, is Jacky, a young man is formatted by the customs totalitarian, forcing him to wear an outfit halfway between a burqa and a condom coloured, which may be the origin of the expression of married men, ” the assholes of madame “.

As well, our character is in charge of the household chores, the cooking, up to massage the feet of his mother coming back from work… It is absolutely not in a logic of protest. Even when he is down morally after the death of her mother, and her support, disguising his status as a slave by his aunt and he finally has the opportunity to save, it does nothing. He will choose rather to be satisfied with his condition, and, also, to try his luck to become the couillon of the colonel.

The basic idea is interesting, but completely loses and fades under a too-full of jokes and gags.

The basic idea is interesting, but completely loses and fades under a too-full of jokes and gags. The comic of repetition work at the beginning drowns out the political message and contemporary. This dictatorship, by its reversal, would have been able to challenge the leadership male place since over 2000 years. But in the absence of this, we find ourselves more in a series of skits does nothing for the spectators to question the norms and habits imposed by our society.

The discipline, such as Cinderella, one finds that even the protagonist accepts his status and nothing wants to emancipate. Despite the attempts of his uncle, he is only going to perpetuate the mores of his time.

The movie was well positioned with a very good cast with a good level of play on the part of actors, but the jokes are more like “private jokes” between friends than an actual artistic performance. One can’t help but laugh at some moments, but in the long run, the humor lourdingue weighs in on the film, not allowing it to distinguish themselves from too many comedies with the same style of jokes or comic situations.

Finally, there remains a small family film and entertaining which, it is hoped, will be able to reflect the public on our customs sexist. Even so, the scenario leaving too much space for little jokes, he should make a great effort to have this decline.

Looks like Cinderella, “shoes are to your feet !”

Editor’s NOTE : You can read the review (positive) of the film at this address.



In the republic democratic and popular Bubunne, women have the power, control and war, and the men wear the veil, and take care of their homes. Among them, Jacky, a boy of twenty years, has the same fantasy inaccessible that all the single people of his country : to marry the Colonel, daughter of the dictatrice, and to have a lot of girls with it. But when the General finally decides to organise a grand ball to find a husband for his daughter, things get worse for Jacky : being abused by his family, he saw his dream slowly slip away…

Original title : Jacky in the Kingdom of Girls

Achievement : Riad Sattouf

Scenario : Riad Sattouf

Main actors : Vincent Lacoste, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Didier Bourdon, Anémone, Valérie Bonneton, Michel Hazanavicius

Country of origin : France

Output : 29 January 2014

Duration : 1h30mn

Distributor : Pathé Distribution

Trailer :

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