James Bond : the generic from 1995 to 2002

With GoldenEye, sung by Tina Turner, Bond made a big splash and explosive in the year 1990. A true modernity emerges (finally) this generic of 1995 (and its musical accompaniment). Until then always in 2D, the generic focuses for the first time on the background and the depth-of-field. The work is much more present, between travelling horizontal, game sound, and a background is always in motion. Now, the characters are faced with elements of scenery that are found in the film. A statue of Lenin on which the bodies of women hang a sickle on which the Bond market. Not to mention the face-dual of a woman, the symbol of the double agent, one of the rebound of the film. Effects, very surprising the same as a pistol outgoing directly from the mouth of the latter. And, of course, the many symbols of the soviet era, combined with the weapon fetish of Bond, the walther PPK. Women are much more present and active, as will the female characters now. The use of the digital is thus particularly well-used and relevant. A true slap in the face !

Tomorrow never dies (1997) is perhaps one of the best generic (and film) of the saga, if not the best. On the one hand the title Tomorrow Never Dies sung by Sheryl Crow is a marvel, able to keep the musical atmosphere bondienne and give a tone truly dramatic and tragic – once again the sublime voice of Sheryl Crow -, own that will live a Bond during the film. From a visual point of view, this generic takes the foundations of GoldenEye , but push its limits. Beyond the movements obtained by digital effects, there’s a real richness in each plan. There is that first frame, where the many bodies of women lying on a white background, which gives a strange feeling, the impression of seeing a multitude of insects. There is the play of light the way X-ray or out of the body of a woman, covered with a painting which is taking shape of electronic components. A plan which evokes, of course, the naked body painted gold from Goldfinger (reused beautifully with tar in Quantum of Solace). A generic grand who also plays on the differences of scale, in particular the body of a woman in a cartridge. Not to mention the use of rare moments and enabling real faces, like for some to be that of the singer herself. A generic all-perfect.

Once again, The World is not enough (1999), the body fluids are extremely present and even more disturbing. We find a similar effect much later in the generic Millenium (2011), David Fincher, much more unhealthy, a body all in black and partly liquid, as oil, which one can assume inspired of the generic Bond. If so generic that there is nothing revolutionary compared to its two predecessors, playing heavily on the impression, the sensation, rather than on the clarity (it does not give any indication on the film), it enjoys however an excellent soundtrack ; The World is Not Enoughsung by Garbage. He is at once faithful to Bond and the group itself, the bearer of emotions tragic, in the continuity of the previous episode. It should be noted, finally, that the title refers this time to a sentence pronounced by James during the film, during its opposition with Elektra King (very good Sophie Marceau).

We are in 2002, the new millennium. But the impression is that contrary to the title , Die another day, 007 is already dead. The electro track from Madonna, Die Another Day, is appalling and one wonders what he is doing here. In addition, this generic is used here to advantage of the ellipse to the film. Bond has been captured by the army in north korea in the introduction sequence. The generic serves to show his martyrdom and the tortures suffered by the secret agent with real images alternating with digital effects. While keeping a fidelity to the generic already mentioned, it never manages to we passionate. Has the image of the film in its entirety, the generic is disappointing in part. This was despite some fine effects, such as the link between the music, perfectly shimmed, and tails of scorpions, or the use of the body on fire, as opposed to those which are frozen. One last hurrah for Pierce Brosnan actually quite sad.

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