[critical] LIKE A PLANE

Bruno Podalydès has accustomed us to the movies, poetry, little jewels of fantasy and freshness, delicacy and simplicity in this world of brutes. We know its offbeat , almost naive, who does not pretend to deliver us messages, existential, just leave us a smile to the lips at the exit of the cinema… Even the blink of an eye Hitchkockien to the Glaviole, famous object is unlikely in which the hero of each of his films takes the feet from Freedom-Oléron is expected and never disappoints!

AS AN AIRPLANE is no exception to the rule : loyal to his universe, Bruno Podalydès has offered for the first time the first role. The first part evokes the dream and the imagination of Michel, a graphic designer who is passionate for the Aérospostale, and his new passion for Kayaking and all the “stuff”that goes with it… because the Kayak, this is the title of the film LIKE A AIRPLANE … without wings and sing for Charlelie Couture at the beginning to announce the color! But what appeals above all to Michel, it is to hide from his wife and his colleagues, as a small boy he has never ceased to be, taken the hand in the jar of jam ! And it is indeed pleasant to see him keep this part of the childhood and carelessness, to get excited about and to talk to him, even if the idea is a little too often supported by images of the toys in the shape of planes!

His wife Rachel, relieved that the famous crisis of the fifties does not bring it to take a mistress as in the previous film Adieu Berthe, or the funeral of Grandma, discover the new “dream to which her husband asks her to believe”; it encourages then Michel with fun and confidence to go on an adventure and to assume otherwise that in the dream his need elsewhere. The preparation and the beginning of the journey inaugurated with humour this second part. And we embark on the Kayak alongside Michel

However the process on the naivety of Michel turns out to be a little repetitive and boring, it is almost like in a book for children “Martine on the beach” : “Michel down the river and meet the fishermen” “Michel met very nice people in a café”, “Michel meets a nasty fisherman who hates kayakers”, “Michel finds love simple”, etc… Bruno Podalydès recognized him – even in a pre-first his reference to the film A day without end of Harold Ramis, whose characters are always pronounced the same sentences at the same time from one day to the other, this pair of fools happy and alcoholic absinthe embodied by the accustomed of his cinema : the always impeccable Michel Vuillermoz, that the director has desired claudicant and the non-less clip without laughing , Jean-Noël Brouté. An absinthe imbibera often our kayaker, preventing it from really, and enabling him to access the simple happiness.

“A carpe diem river, that the regulars of the cinema of Bruno Podalydès will with pleasure.”

The newcomers are the 2 women relatives of the hero : Sandrine Kiberlain, who plays with finesse Rachel, and that the foray into the comedy succeeds for his role césarisé in the Nine-Month Farm d’Albert Dupontel, passing by It the love of Jeanne Herry and Kids ofAnthony Marciano. About Agnès Jaoui- Laeticiait is a little on the restraint in this type of role in spite of her first nude scene in cinema.

The soundtrack is good, increasing strongly in some scenes : when the director wants to show that we no longer have the time to nothing, one has the right to “time to live ” of Georges Moustaki and when Michel enjoys the result of his journey of initiation, we listen to Venus sung by Alain Bashung.

Some will only adhere probably not in the mood of this “River Movie”, says the director, who leaves us a little too far out of character because if you look at live his adventures, it does not feel true empathy for him…but for those used to the cinema of Bruno Podalydès, no problem to say, like Michel when he made the check-list of his scooter: “Like a plane : OK!

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Original title : Like a plane

Production : Bruno Podalydès

Screenplay : Bruno Podalydès

Main actors : Bruno Podalydès, Agnès Jaoui, Sandrine Kiberlain

Country of origin :

Released : June 10, 2015

Duration : 1h45min

Distributor : UGC Distribution

Synopsis : Michel, the fifty, is a graphic designer. Passionate about the airmail, he dreams of Jean Mermoz when he takes his scooter. And yet, he himself has never flown a plane…

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