Tonto, the indian warrior, tells how John Reid, a former defender of the law, is become an avenger legendary. These two heroes will have to learn to team up to face the worst of greed and corruption. The duo makes sparks and leads the audience into a whirlwind of surprises and humor.

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Release Date : August 7, 2013

Directed by Gore Verbinski

Film american

With Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Tom Winkilson

Duration : 2h29min

Original title : The Lone Ranger

Trailer :

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Tragically unknown to our side of the atlantic, the Lone Ranger is a true american institution. Created during the period between the two world wars by Frank Siter and then hero of a radio drama, he wove through the ages and technologies to become a true icon of popular culture. Protagonist of a television series became a cult, television, novels and video games, it seemed, in the logic of things that Hollywood operates the bonanza, transforming, willingly or unwillingly, the legend blockbuster. Led by a director great (Gore Verbinski) and his loyal team of writers, parents of Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie had everything to appeal and succeed in its usual way at the box office. And yet, beaten by critics, with disastrous, LONE RANGER – BIRTH Of A HERO is simply sprawled, generating more than $ 150 million deficit, and forcing the resignation of the CEO of Disney.

And after viewing a single question to me bothered him, why so much hatred? Failing to be a mind-blowing masterpiece, LONE RANGER – BIRTH Of A HERO is an honest blockbuster with undeniable qualities. May be a director of theentertainment, american, Gore Verbinski impresses scene after scene by his mastery almost scientific space, in the image of this pursuit to the final, where the masses fit together, complement each other in a fabulous ballet.

Less impressive, more realistic than his trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, LONE RANGER – BIRTH Of A HERO shocked by his maturity. To such a point that one may ask about the identity of the intended audience. Between a body-count to the ladle, visits (admittedly chaste) of brothels and a murder scene particularly difficult, it is far, far from the universe good-natured and kindly strange of the above-mentioned Pirates. William Fichtner (THE DARK KNIGHT, blackhawk down) is most terrifying, in the role of Butch Cavendish, nemesis cold of our heroes.

Why so much hatred? Failing to be a mind-blowing masterpiece, LONE RANGER – BIRTH Of A HERO is an honest blockbuster with undeniable qualities.

In fact, LONE RANGER – BIRTH Of A HERO is a great film actors. If the performance of Johnny Depp almost passes unnoticed, Armie Harmer, we were able to see in the dual role of the twins Winklevoss in THE SOCIAL NETWORK, Fincher impresses by its magnetism certain, and confirmed by this performance, his aura of a future star. The musical score is no slouch, and if the lack of a true identity is felt, arrangement by Hans Zimmer from the famous William Tell overture by Rossini is a pure moment of happiness.

So yes, the scenario is certainly phoned in the extreme. Cliché and predictable to the extreme, it annoys on a regular basis by his humour childish and a message sanctimonious sleazy to the extreme. But how to hide his pleasure in the face of this film, pure pleasure regressive and unmistakable evidence, after the recent Django of Tarantino that the western will never die.

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